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When the witching hour is fast approaching, it’s best to turn off your lamps and opt for mood lighting instead. There’s something delightfully eerie about a flickering candle, especially as you’re watching horror movies with your friends, and while your go-to tapers might be fine, this quick DIY will really up the ante.

These “bloody” candles are totally beginner-friendly—not that anyone will know. Your guests will likely wonder if they were store bought (or perhaps if you simply had a good spell up your sleeve). Whip up a couple and cluster them together for a just-spooky-enough centerpiece. After all, you don’t want to be haunted by the craft projects you never finished.

The Supplies

  • Ball candles in the color of your choice, for the base
  • Red taper candles (use 2 different shades for a more dynamic look)
  • Spray paint, in the same color as the ball candles
  • Brushed-metal candle stands

The How-To

Step 1: Spritz the Stands


Spray-paint the candle stands to match the color of the base candles you will be using. 

Step 2: Get Glowing


Set the candles on the base and light them. Once the ball candle has burned enough that a shallow well has formed at the top, light the red candles.

Step 3: Drip Away

Gently position the red candle horizontally over the ball candle so that the flame of the ball candle is directly beneath the top tip of the red candle. Allow the red wax to drip along the sides of the ball candle until it’s covered to your liking. Let the ghost stories begin.

This story was originally published in August 2017. It has since been updated.