Kelly Wearstler’s “Anti-Orange” Pumpkin Display Is Halloween Made Chic

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Portrait of Kelly Wearstler sitting on a dining table
Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler

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In true Kelly Wearstler fashion, Halloween at her house isn’t just spooky, it’s spooky chic. This year she’s teamed up with Pinterest to launch “Fête-Styling”: a 10-episode series in which Wearstler teaches us how to set up the adult version of a candy bar (she calls it a Treat Feast Tablescape) and assemble fall florals for a mantel. 

“I’ve been using Pinterest for years as a place to create mood boards to gather inspiration for projects, so it’s truly special to be a part of this evolution,” says Wearstler. Here are two of our favorite episodes from the miniseries.

The “Anti-Orange” Pumpkin Arrangement

“I collaborated with Isa Isa Floral to design Avant-Gourde—it goes beyond the expected Halloween pumpkin display with a chic assemblage in mottled monochromatic colors and anomalous shapes and sizes,” notes Wearstler. The designer took inspiration from the black and white (with touches of green) color palette of her hallway and created an “anti-orange” arrangement that will add an element of surprise to her entrance. Within the mix is Tiny Dancer, a limited-edition, hand-sculpted melting disco ball for extra dazzle. Find the step-by-step instructions for this DIY on Pinterest. 

White entryway with painted pumpkins on the MARBLE floor and on tables.
Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler

The Scary-Sweet Tablescape

Halloween being her favorite holiday, Wearstler’s Treat Feast Tablescape is a reimagination of the trick-or-treating she did as a child. “I wanted to create an elevated version that was suited to all ages,” she says. 

Her pro tip: Layer bowls in a variety of textures and materials; rich metals, glass, and marble are the designer’s go-tos. “You want the Treat Feast to be an element of discovery for your guests,” she says. “I also love finding unexpected decor elements to add to the setting—like bonelike cutlery or moody candles in a palette of earthen colors—to really set the scene.”

Festive Halloween dining table setting
Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler