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If you have yet to hear, we’re so over the usual winter wreath. The seasonal staple is about as standard as they come—often featuring the same, cliche red bow—and is in desperate need of a spirited and creative refresh. Looking beyond the holidays, we wouldn’t mind an alternative that had the ability to feel festive yet seasonally ambiguous.

The greens used are without a doubt the distinguishing element here. A departure from the typical winter variety—evergreen branches and eucalyptus, we’re looking at you—is necessary to achieve that versatile finish.

We turned to the ultra-creative duo behind Texas-based floral design studio Bows and Arrows, who served us up with a clever rendition of the holiday staple: a DIY palm wreath.

Upholding the essence of the decor staple, the palms can be just as festive when paired with votives atop the fireplace mantel and a slew of cozy textures below.

Read on to see how you can easily re-create the palm wreath, which can live in your space long after the holidays are over.



Begin by laying out the dried palms to form a rough guide for how they will live on the metal form. If you’re working with a colorful array of them, consider sorting them in an ombre scheme.

Layer the palms atop the frame, designating the larger leaves for the bottom. Using the string, tie the stem of the palm to the metal frame. Trim the stems, as needed, to avoid having them jut out within the frame.

Depending on the length of the stem, tie them to at least two to three points of the frame to prevent them from falling out of line or form.

Repeat the above until you’ve made your way along the entirety of the wreath, making certain that all the leaves are pointed in the right direction.

Once the wreath is covered with the palms, feel free to filter in smaller palms to fill in any empty spots. Hang the wreath on a mantel, your entry, or prop it against a wall, or on the floor for an effortlessly cool accent.