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It’s official, tie-dye is having a major comeback. But this time is different; the the traditionally boho and oft young pattern is making its way back into our homes in an edgy, grownup way. Luxury brands like Gucci, Off-White, and even Acne Studios are making irreverent tie-dye clothing, and the trend has trickled down into the home space, too. So, it’s time to widen our understanding of tie-dye, and think of the print as a super cool accent to any room, not just as a boho piece for your kids’ space. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some awesome tie-dye pieces in the slideshow ahead.

Throw Pillow, Upstate, $189

These throw pillows go beyond just being trendy. The raw silk these pillows are made from can be soothing for dry skin and even eczema.

Subtle Tie-Dye Napkin Set, Urban Outfitters, $12

Amp up your place settings at the dinner table with a subtle, pastel tie-dye set. Plus, these napkins are a great eco-friendly alternative to paper.

Tie Dye Breeze  Turkish T, $35.99

A hint of tie-dye goes a long way. In this case, transforming your towel game into something cool and special.

Anke Drechsel Silk Velvet Fringe Pillow Shaded Yellow, ABC Home, $175

This velvet tie-dye pillow is not for the faint of heart. The intense color scheme, however, is the perfect example of edgy and irreverent tie-dye.


Shibori Wallpaper, Clairebella Studio, $190

Try getting in on the trend with an accent wall. This shibori wallpaper is a nod to the ancient Japanese tie-dye method.


Amy Sia Tie Dye Peach Desk, Deny Designs, $428.99

Instead of going for a tie-dye textile, another great way to add the trend into your space is in an unexpected piece of furniture, like this desk.


Hazy Tie-Dye Wool Woven Rug, Urban Outfitters, $899

This wool rug is a sturdy and unique piece for any room. Pair with super sleek, modern furniture to make the piece feel more edgy than boho.