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If you’ve been trying to sell your home for a while—but to no avail—we may know why: Real estate database Trulia recently examined all the homes for sale on the site. In doing so, they discovered which design features are more popularly used as selling points.

Trulia looked through all the homes on its site that have been for sale over the past year, surveying more than 5.7 million listings from across the United States. By making head-to-head comparisons of certain design choices, the company was able to determine which of those choices sellers believed were more lucrative than others—a fact that, in turn, is reflective of current

home decor trends


Some of the findings are a little unexpected: Between marble and quartz countertops, quartz was the clear winner, and between white and dark cabinets, white cabinets came out on top. The findings also showed a preference for Subzero over Viking appliances, and bay windows over floor-to-ceiling ones.

Other findings are less surprising—for example, a prevalence of subway tiles over basketweave tiles, and soaking tubs over claw foot tubs. The data also showed that gas stoves were more widely featured than electric ones.

According to Lynnette Bruno, Trulia’s real estate and lifestyle expert, even though the findings more closely reflect the sellers’ opinions than those of the buyers, they do provide insight into some of the more common trends in the housing market today.

“For example, hardwood and carpet are two flooring options that are commonly used throughout homes today. The two selections offer a very different look and feel in a home, as well as differences in cleaning and maintenance,” she says. “According to our data, sellers are more likely to list hardwood floors over carpet in their listing descriptions, which shows sellers think buyers prefer the clean look of hardwood, along with its ease of maintenance.”

So, if you’re redecorating your home before a resell and want to make it more on trend, take note: Subway tiles are always a good idea.


: Trulia

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