Published on July 18, 2019

First came the 2018 NYC x Design show, leaving in its wake a gaggle of fans (Domino editors included) obsessing over Giselle Hicks’s pyramid-like lamps. Then we started noticing a newfound interest in Philippe Starck’s hourglass-shaped 1996 Prince Aha Stool, the seeming inspiration for a fleet of similar tables and stools created en masse by retailers like West Elm and Target. All this in the midst of a major Memphis design revival, a movement that also favors the geometric silhouette. Coincidence? We think not. The curvaceous form is having a moment—and not just for its looks.

There’s another perk of the hourglass shape beyond just aesthetics: It’s often multifunctional. Glassware, and vases specifically, can be flipped and used two different ways. You don’t have to choose between a vessel for your peonies or a candleholder to top your table—there’s a product that does both. Consider this your green light to get into the latest trend. After all, why have one champagne coupe when you could have two? 

The Ultimate Accent Piece

When not in use as a bud vase, the orange end can house a tea light. A few of these would be perfect for creating a cozy glow on your mantel. (Or hosting a seance—up to you.)

The Green Thumb’s Partner in Crime

Whether you need a shallow pot or your new plant baby has serious roots, this cool planter will be a lifesaver. 

The Bar Cart Delight

Mix your drink with the colored end of these mini glasses (it holds 2 ounces), then sip the finished product from the other side. Cocktail hour can’t come soon enough. 

The Floral Funnel

For the traditionalist: Style your buds with the tall, colorful vase set inside the glass jar, which you can fill with water to keep your blooms fresh for longer. But if you prefer dried flowers, remove the jar, invert the funnel, and go to town. We recommend baby’s breath. 

The Tie-Dyed Treat

Start your plant off in the wider, shorter end of this groovy gradient planter. When it outgrows its home, turn the container over and replant your greenery in the deeper portion. 

The Instant Party 

Just add champagne. Whether used as flutes or coupes, these intricately detailed glasses are cause for celebration in their own right. 

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