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First, we had our eye on all things covered in…eyes. Then it was difficult to find an apartment that didn’t feature a boob-themed planter or rug. Now there’s a new body part popping up in design, and, well, it’s pretty hands on. Raise your hand if you can’t get enough hand-themed decor (pun 100 percent intended). 

From sweet, manicured bookends to a vintage lamp that makes for a statement piece, these 12 products not only look cool—they’re also functional. And with styles that include sleek and modern and distinctly eclectic (we may or may not be talking about the jumbo patchwork hand pillow here), there’s something that everyone can appreciate. Just take a look—you’re going to want to get your hands on these goods ASAP.

For a Well-Manicured Bookshelf

Handy Bookends, DOIY (€35)

We love a good bookend, and the red nails and rose gold–plated edges on this hand-shaped option makes it one of our favorites by far.


For a Wall With Attitude

Clope in the Grove, Work and Sea ($10)

We don’t advocate smoking, but we can get behind this irreverent wallpaper by Work and Sea. 

For a Lonely Fireplace Mantel

Ex Voto, Cire Trudon ($65)

We won’t blame you if you buy Cire Trudon’s Ex-Voto candle in every color and create a kind of creepy, kind of cool altar with them.

For a Shameless Slumber

F U Hue, San Junipero Textile Studio ($65)

We’re not saying that this sassy pillow promotes peaceful sleep, but it’s definitely a good do-not-disturb signal.

For a Desk That Needs a Helping Hand

Hands File Folder Sorter
Hands File Sorter, Urban Outfitters ($14)

When you have an exceedingly large stack of mail or files to sort, allow these hands to make your workspace appear organized.


For a Good Glow

Hands Table Lamp
Hands Table Lamp, Coming Soon ($950)

Place this vintage lamp on a nightstand or end table, and it will speak for itself—no additional accessories needed.

For the Perfect Pinch

Pinch Clip – Ruby_Blue
Pinch Clip, Nick DeMarco ($30)

When you need to keep that artisanal popcorn fresh, don’t opt for any old bag clip—this one by Nick DeMarco is way more fun.

For Snappier Mealtimes

Pinky Swear
Pinky Swear Salt and Pepper Shakers, DOIY (€22)

Promise us you’ll never let another meal go improperly salted and peppered?

For Getting a Grasp on Clutter

Reality Hand Hooks
Reality Hand Hooks, Harry Allen ($75)

There’s something a bit Addams Family about these hooks (Uncle Fester, is that you?), but Areaware always makes a strong case for an offbeat accent.


For Pillows With Personality

Whatever Hand Chenille Patch, World Famous Original ($12)

If you’ve grown tired of your so-so throw pillows, a couple iron-on patches like these by World Famous Original can give them the revival they’ve been begging for.

For Holding Your Trinkets

Palmistry Trinket Dish $16.00
Palmistry Trinket Dish, Anthropologie ($16)

You’ll never lose your favorite ring again when you have this pretty, outstretched hand to drop it into.

For a Comforting Pat on the Back

Eugene_s Lament Hand Pillow in Navy Patchwork
Eugene’s Lament Hand Pillow in Navy Patchwork, Wiener Times ($1,385)

Is this hand-shaped pillow by Wiener Times a bit ostentatious? Yes. Is it iconic? Absolutely. Consider this purchase an investment in a serious conversation starter that also happens to make your couch even comfier.

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