Photo by Amy Bartlam Courtesy of Target

Because our efforts to grow a citrus tree indoors have proven to be, well, fruitless thus far, we went looking for an alternative way to capture the essence of summer at home. It didn’t take us long to find our answer: wallpaper. Think about the instant oomph a slice of lemon gives a glass of water. Now imagine an entire room filled with citrus fruit. Pretty magical, right? 

From flavor-packed entryways to bedrooms in full bloom, here are seven stylish ways to get your daily dose of vitamin C: 

Elevate a Kid’s Room 

Photo by Amy Bartlam Courtesy of Romina Gris Ceramics

When Lulu and Georgia founder Sara Brenner worked with designer Ginny Macdonald to make over her daughter’s bedroom, the two didn’t settle on a traditional Disney theme. Instead, they let this tangy wallpaper pattern set the color palette for the space. White rattan furniture and floral bedding complete the subtly tropical look. 


Lighten Up the Dining Room


Michelle Gage makes a case for keeping the formal dining room around. The designer struck the perfect balance between fancy and fun in her Philadelphia home by swathing the walls above the traditional wainscotting with a monkey-dotted citrus motif. 

Make an Entrance 

photo by Nicole LaMotte, courtesy of wallsshoppe Courtesy of Target

When your living room, entryway, and stairwell can pass for a thriving orange grove, you know your home is officially summer-fied. In other words, if you happen to fall hard for a statement print, such as this peel-and-stick pick from Wallsshoppe, don’t be afraid to run with it. Talk about making a good first impression. 

Turn a Nursery Into The Secret Garden

photo courtesy of dina bandman interiors Courtesy of Ubikubi

We’re still enamored with Dina Bandman’s room at the 2018 San Francisco Decorators Showcase. Complete with an elegant lemon tree mural and latticework ceiling, this storybook space could transition into an older child’s room in a snap.  

Designate a Mudroom 

photo by Kristen Mittler of Oh Joy Photography by Royal Fern

Kristen Mittler turned the drop-off zone in her charming Ohio farmhouse into a destination by using Chasing Paper’s temporary Lemon Fresh wallpaper. Fittingly, it’s where the family hangs up gardening tools and other outdoor gear. 


Energize the Living Room 

photo courtesy of anewall Courtesy of I’m Not Messy I’m Creative

Large-scale citrus wallpapers like Anewall’s Orange Crush look their best when allowed to flourish on big swaths of wall where there’s plenty of natural light. 

Emphasize a Room’s Architecture


Sophie Loghman’s candy-colored Airbnb is as sweet as her Instagram feed, but upstairs, things get a little sour—in the best way possible. The zesty accent wall draws attention to the lofted space’s sloped ceilings, creating an airy feel in a room that might otherwise appear cramped.

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