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Picking the red lipstick, the colorful coat, or the zany T-shirt will surely net you a compliment or two. The same holds true for your home, especially when it comes to the very first thing you see when you open the door. A dynamic, daring entryway is a risk that will always pay off, and there’s no easier way to take it than with some wallpaper.

It’s a design choice that works for both minimalists and maximalists alike: Prints run the gamut from subtle to spirited, and an entrance is a small amount of square footage, so experimenting is low stakes. Plus, it will make your entryway look almost immediately put-together—just add a console or a bench and some pegs. Every time you get home you’ll be greeted with a setup that puts a smile on your face—and definitely earns and receives daily praise from visitors.

Breezy Leaves

It’s especially easy to neglect the space around your front door when it opens into a mudroom, but Studio McGee shows that a super-simple pattern (in a color that complements the built-in closet) can make an otherwise utilitarian area feel a little more fun.

Vaguely Victorian

Moody flowers and framed butterflies are the perfect combination in this London townhouse. A stylish console helps keep a neat row of shoes in check—no organizing rack necessary. 

Sweet Greens

Just because you’re over florals doesn’t mean you have to give up on all greenery. Take this pitcher plant wallpaper in this Austin home—its foliage is organized into clean columns, perfect for the kitsch-adverse.

Quirky Corner

When you’re working with a small sliver of wall, you might as well go big. This eccentric marigold wallpaper manages to make the mini entry in designer Chiara de Rege’s Manhattan apartment pop (the matching Entler lamp helps, too).

Punky Pinks

Photography by Sarah Dorio

If you’re intimidated by dark wallpaper, here’s your chance to test it out: Just a few panels can turn a hallway into a place to pause. The vintage poster and zebra-print bench are daring complements to the romantic print in this niche.

Bold Blue

This graphic indigo-and-white wallpaper instantly livens up über-functional storage in this Austin house. The rug’s complementary pop of blue pulls it all together.

Petal Pusher

Photography by Trevor Smith

Not one for dramatics? No need to worry—a neutral paper dotted with daisies and peonies might be just your speed. Paired with a charming Dutch door, it’s a country dream.

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