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If you’re a fan of aura photography, we’ve found the wallpaper for you. Brooklyn-based bespoke wallpaper company

Calico Wallpaper

is launching a new line called Aura. As the name suggests, the collection is inspired by unseen energy fields and incorporates aura photography in a series of digital wallpaper designs.

This collection, which was first presented at Sight Unseen OFFSITE in collaboration with design studio The Principals during this month’s NYCxDesign, is an exploration of the unseen dimensions surrounding us. It comes in seven different color ways, each uniquely designed to elicit specific feelings based on color psychology.


Calico Wallpaper co-founders Nick and Rachel Cope were inspired by aura photography to design this line.

“Several years ago, I stumbled upon an aura photograph that Nick had taken as a child,” said Rachel. “The photo was filled with red tones which indicate 1st chakra energy and action. The subtle interplays of color were so striking that I immediately wanted to explore the medium as inspiration for a wallpaper collection.”

Aura photography was first developed in the 1930s by Semyon Kirlian, a Russian electrical engineer. It visualizes electric fields surrounding an object, and is mainly used as an esoteric diagnostic tool that depicts one’s vivacity via the chakra system. This is represented in images as glowing clouds of color that symbolize a person’s unique aura.


To pay homage to the roots of the art, Calico named each of the seven designs in an abbreviated form of Sanskrit. Anahata, Saha, Vishu, Mula, Mani, Svad, and Ajna each symbolize specific traits and emotions. Every design features a hazy blend of colors, creating a distinctly ethereal motif.

As is the case with all Calico wallpapers, Aura is made to order in custom sizes. The wallpapers are available for purchase internationally.

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