We Finally Found the Perfect Wallpaper for Minimalists

Cope’s first wallpaper collection is ideal for the bright color averse.

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We often think of wallpaper as the best way to make a bold statement, but you don’t have to go full on maximalist if you want to dip your toe into the wallpaper pool—and new wallpapers from Cope a Brooklyn-based textiles and home goods company, are here to prove it.

Founded by husband and wife duo Rachel and Nick Cope of

Calico Wallpaper

, Cope debuted last winter with a stunning collection of ethereal textiles inspired by nature. And now, the company has decided to launch wallpaper as well—the first time the brand has introduced repeating wallpaper by roll. The three designs feature subdued hues, ideal for the bright color averse, and patterns that play with depth and create movement.

“While the Calico Wallpaper murals are all custom-scaled and made-to-order, we launched Cope last fall with textiles and accessories as a way of offering our designs in a ready-to-buy format,” says Nick. “Rachel and I are so thrilled to now launch our first wallpapers by the roll with these three new designs.”

Each pattern is inspired by a different part of the world. “Like all Cope designs, these new patterns are inspired by natural landscapes, artistic practices, and scientific phenomena,” says Rachel. “We experiment with different techniques and crafts to create unique shapes that emerge organically.”

First up is Speckle, inspired by splatter-painted floors unique to England. Coming in a variety of colorways, including breezy hues like a bold turquoise named Splash and a pale millennial pink Skyscape, the base colors speak just as much as the contrasting speckles on each. Think of it as a minimalist way of incorporating color.

The next collection, Palm, draws from different botanical gardens, “and the abundance and variation of plants that thrive in these jungle-like oases.” The designers used simple graphite lines to incorporate the natural shapes of the plants, and then layered them on top of one another for more depth. The result is an intricate combo of contrasting patterns, emulating light and dark, sun and shade. “This expresses the refreshing feeling of walking through a leafy garden,” say the founders.

The last of the collection is called Eon, drawing from the traditional Japanese technique of wax resist-dyeing. In this process, sheets of silk are coated with multiple layers of wax, which are then cooled and hardened to create a dye-resistant surface that’s folded and cracked to create unique fissures, dyed, and heated, which allows the wax to melt away, making sure the contrasting colors come to life. Suggesting the “weathering of time,” Eon is available in three muted palettes: pink, gray, and blue.

Cope wallpapers are now on sale for $395 per double roll both in stores and online.

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