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If you love wallpaper like we do (i.e. a lot), you’ve undoubtedly heard of custom wallpaper company Calico Wallpaper. Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Rachel and Nick Cope, Calico is known for elevating basic wall coverings into veritable art—the brand uses dip-dying techniques, digital technologies, and has even made a foray into aura wallpaper. Now, Rachel and Nick are turning their creative efforts in a slightly different direction with the launch of their textile and soft goods company, Cope.

“We’ve actually wanted to create a textile line since we launched Calico, so we entered 2017 thinking about how we could expand our creative vision,” says Nick of expanding from wallpaper. “After we became parents, we particularly liked having a studio operating under our family name so we could potentially create something attached to a greater legacy.”

Currently the collection of fabrics and pillows is available in four pretty prints. The fabrics are sold by the yard and each pillow print is available in three sizes starting at $245. You can also special-order curtains from the Cope studio. Printed on all-natural Belgian linen and made ready-to-order, each Cope piece embodies expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It also embodies nature, which Rachel cites as a leading source of inspiration for the collection. “Landscapes, scientific phenomena, and artistic practices all come into the picture here,” she says. “Specifically, we drew inspiration from the stunning floral arrangements by Brooklyn designer Saipua and the landscapes around the Hudson Valley, where we recently bought a weekend home.”

Relying on a familiar ethereal, abstract design motif fans of Calico will recognize, each nature, science, and art-inspired pattern started as handmade artwork done by Rachel. The debut collection includes three new designs—Sumi, Palette, and Flora—and brings back the Aurora design customers know and love from Calico.

“The pattern is designed to immerse viewers in waves and washes of gradient color, drawing heavily from shibori,” explains Nick of the ombré print. “In our travels, we are continually struck by the distinctive colors and qualities that are unique to geographical regions. Inspired by the horizons at dawn and the phenomena or light, Aurora explores the emotions expressed by the ever-changing sky.”

The collection also includes Sumi, a marbled print inspired by water’s movement, and Flora, a minimalist flower print inspired by the couple’s weekends in upstate New York picking wildflowers (and Rachel’s favorite!). Palette, a subdued print that almost looks like watercolor paint strokes, rounds out the collection and is Nick’s personal favorite from the line.

“It reminds me of Rachel in the studio, where dabs of paint land on the furniture and floors,” he says.

Given the couple’s passion for creating textiles—Rachel’s mother was a textile artist who taught her the craft, and the couple are always looking for new ways to update their production techniques—it’s safe to say we can expect more in the near future from Cope.

“We expect to continue to add a handful of new patterns into the line seasonally and will be selling silk scarves on the Cope website,” says Rachel of the duo’s upcoming projects. “We also have a few exciting expansions in the pipeline!”

Head to shop.studiocope.com to shop the collection today.


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