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If you’ve been hunting for the perfect cozy textiles to welcome the colder weather, call off the search. We’ve found the new line of sustainable luxe products you’re sure to be loving this season—and they’re accessible to everyone, courtesy of RH, Restoration Hardware.

As part of the retailer’s fall interiors collection, Restoration Hardware is partnering with artisans, one of whom is Alicia Adams, a New York-based textile designer who owns an alpaca farm in the Hudson Valley. After moving to the US from Germany and buying the farm in 2006, Adams and her husband created a family business, with him overseeing the breeding side and Alicia launching her eponymous design company.

In the lead image: Suri Alpaca Eyelash Scarf in Garnet, Oatmeal, Natural, Grey, Carbon, Indigo, Wisteria and Brick, $119

Selling high-quality fashion and lifestyle goods produced directly on her farm and influenced by her multicultural background, Adams is known for globally inspired textiles. She translated her signature timeless designs into a partnership with Restoration Hardware, which features throws, scarves, and cushion covers. Opting for simple shades in neutral hues and deep tones instead of flashier prints, Adams ensures the craftsmanship is highlighted first and foremost in each piece.

“I identify so much with [Restoration Hardware’s] style, quality, and craftsmanship,” says Adams. “I am very excited to have collaborated on this collection with them—it’s just right up our alley and [is] such a harmonious match!”

In anticipation of her collaboration with Restoration Hardware—which is officially available now—we spoke to the designer to learn more about what we can expect from the fall collection.

What was your design inspiration for the line?

I did not go to design school. My upbringing has really been my biggest influence: I’m half Mexican, half German, and spent many summers in Austria. I have a home in the mountains of Switzerland, in Gstaad—a really beautiful picturesque village about two hours from Geneva. All of this has really informed me personally, and my designs.

The colors [from the RH collection] definitely come from my Mexican side. It has so much culture—the music, food, people, arts, the whole history of the country is very dear to me. And then I have the other side—the Alps, skiing, Austria, the hunting lodges, and the very elegant Downton Abbey-ish kind of scene that exists there. So it’s a fusion of those two worlds.

In this image: Suri Alpaca Two-Tone Throw in Natural/Oatmeal, Wisteria/Brick and Platinum/Grey, $299

How did owning an alpaca farm come about?

My husband Daniel and I moved our family to New York’s Hudson Valley from Germany in 2006. He had done a lot of research on alpacas and the industry, and it was booming in the States. Daniel came [to New York] and talked to some breeders, and went to some farms and shows. He then came back and said, “I think this is a good thing and has a future. Let’s just try it.”

So that’s what we did! We sold our farm outside Munich, packed up three kids and a dog, and I don’t know how many suitcases, and we’re still here and happy 11 years later. While my husband built the breeding business, I created Alicia Adams Alpaca, which launched in 2009.

Why alpacas?

I’m a huge animal lover and feel really good about working with alpaca. It’s so earthy, soft, and sustainable… one of the most amazing fibers there is. We started breeding these wonderful animals 11 years ago, and I really got into it—making my way through books, going to local sheep and wool festivals, and looking, listening, and learning from other people. It’s really such a fantastic and versatile raw material—such a real fiber.

In this image: Suri Alpaca Pom-Pom Pillow Cover in Black/Natural, Denim Blue/Chambray, Brick/Wisteria, Grey/Carbon, Carbon/Dark Oatmeal and Natural/Dark Oatmeal, $159

What was your thought process creating the designs for Restoration Hardware?

I don’t follow a trend. I just try and create lasting things one shouldn’t live without. I see all of our products as heirlooms that can be passed down. I always say, “This will be good to go until you pass it onto your children, to your grandchildren.” Our philosophy is about going more organic and sustainable, and having that connection to the farm and the people who make things we buy. It’s about quality versus quantity.

Do you have a favorite piece from the line?

This is my first collaboration with Restoration Hardware, and I’m in love with the entire collection. From oversized eyelash throws and scarves, reversible two-tone throws and double-faced pom pom pillows, it’s all so luxurious and makes me feel so happy.

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