Market Selection by Elaina Sullivan

Published on January 4, 2019

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Imagery by Aaron Bengochea

This story originally appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of Domino, titled “Some Like It Hot.” Subscribe to be the first to receive each issue!

Domino’s style editor, Elaina Sullivan, has her sights set on one standout trend this spring: fiery hues. Inspired by a photograph of roaring flames by Haze, Sullivan’s spring color palette consists of burnt orange, smoldering ocre, and vibrant crimson.  

She isn’t the only one attracted to fiery hues; in a recent trend report, Etsy also named burnt orange as a color to watch. “While millennial pink and ultraviolet are still having their respective moments, I’m excited to see this earthy tone take over our homes and outfits,” says Etsy trend expert Dayna Johnson.

Looking for ways to spark this hot trend in your own home? Here are Sullivan’s top picks for the flaming color.

For the woman who is always prepared

Fill this shopper to the brim and live out your true Mary Poppins destiny. This large bag will add flare (and functionality) to all your looks this season. Take it to the beach packed with your favorite summer treats, or toss in your favorite pair of sneakers for a little post-work sweat session. 

For the collector

Some call it hoarding, we call it collecting. “Use these warm gradient vessels to hold candles or liven up florals,” recommends Sullivan. We suggest buying five roses, one per votive, and cutting them flush to make a stunning array.

For the classy lady

“Ignite the everyday with a flaming red lip,” says Sullivan. We’re all about practicality: A red lip really is the best way to throw any look together. Feeling lazy in a white tee and jeans? Pop on this bold lip, no make-up required.

For the fashionista

As much as we love a staple pair of aviators, sometimes you need a fresh look. Get out of your comfort zone and swap out your go-to sunnies for this devilishly chic pair. “Throw some shade with these bossy babes,” says Sullivan. 

For the indecisive decorator

Do you always find yourself rearranging your home? These floating drawers can be pushed and pulled in both directions, so you can wake up every day to a whole new dresser. 

For the eclectic-enthusiast

This is the perfect way to add a punch of color to a kid’s room. Cool parent status: acheived. 

For the 70s revivalist

Between its burnt orange hue and tubular silhouette, this sofa brings back the grooviest decade in the best way. “This rust-colored smoke show is ideal for reclining on the regular,” says Sullivan. 

For the life of the party

Spicy camo is perfect for those of us who’d rather light up a room than blend into the crowd. Dress it up with a pair of killer heels or play it casual with a pair of white dad sneakers; either way, you’ll be the talk of the town.

For the color-loving maximalist

If you’re looking to tackle this fiery trend in a more hands-on way, cover a minimalist ’70s sofa in a blazing flame-stitch linen. Not sure how to style it? We recommend pairing it with neutral earthy tones to balance out the bold print. 

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