This “Dated” Sofa Trend Has Officially Made a Comeback

It’s cool to be square.
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Lately, it seems an increasing number of “retro” design trends have been making their way back into our homes. Elements once considered passé have suddenly become wildly appealing—primarily thanks to the modern upgrades they’ve encountered.

Sofas have been at the root of the movement with the revival of the curved sofa being one of the more prominent themes to make a comeback. Keeping in line with the various new interpretations of the living room staple, there is yet another throwback look on the rise.

Back from the ’70s with a spirited revamp, modular sofas are swiftly making their way back into our homes. Also known as a corner sofa—or more commonly, the sectional—the revived trend is nothing like what you imagined.

With it comes an element of customizability, one that’s not confined to the typical parameters of shape, color, or style. There’s a mix and match element to the new wave of modular sofas, coupled with a geometric interpretation that emulates its modern refresh.

Read on for our edit of the brands and design studios that took on the retro trend and seamlessly ushered it into the 21st century.

Bikini Island System by Werner Aisslinger for Moroso

When does a sofa cease being a sofa and transition into something more? This modular system from Moroso challenges the conventional with its avant-garde interpretation of the living room staple. With built-in storage space, side tables, and even a coat rack to boot, the unit functions as more of a living area than a seat.

Deco Sofa, Autoban for De La Espada

A neutral palette combines with a geometrically inspired form that results in a modern revamp of an Art Deco classic. Gold-plated hardware evokes a lustrous quality to the sofa, which is further complemented by the clean and structured composition of the cushions.

Ottawa for BoConcept

BoConcept’s customizable rendition of the trend promotes an element of flexibility, where the various modules are free to be positioned in either a tight group or in separate clusters throughout.

Palo Modular 2-Seater Chaise by HEM Design Studio

In true Scandinavian fashion, Hem’s version of the modular sofa boasts a streamlined build that’s sleek and effortlessly cool courtesy of the structural form of its lone three cushions.

Tape by Moroso

Consider this a true lesson in color-blocking—Moroso’s modular sofa system is about as customizable as it gets. Comprised of a complementary palette, the versatility of the pieces garner it as the ultimate method for personalization.

Domenico Modular Bench, Restoration Hardware

Drawing inspiration from a ’70s Italian design, this minimalist sofa, with its low-slung frame, gives floor seating a whole new meaning.

Mah Jong Sofa, Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois’s Mah Jong sofa is about as iconic as they get and for good reason too. Designed by Hans Hopfer in the early ’70s, the design staple is stackable, customizable, and versatile enough to function as a sofa, armchair, and even a bed.

Saba Aston Pixel Sectional for ABC Carpet & Home

Rearrange the various modules of this plush sectional and relish in its decoratively versatile composition. Clad in a rich red velvet upholstery, it combines two iconic sofa trends with a effortless ease.