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Do you ever find yourself perusing a store and suddenly your arms are stacked with a slew of items that err towards a splurge (it’s not just us, right?). Be it an impulse buy or a “treat-yourself” moment, we can all admit that we have, at one point or another, walked out with an item we can essentially do without. Realistically speaking, there are plenty of pieces, which aside from a purely functional standpoint, serve no other purpose than as a decorative accent. And because we like to indulge ourselves every once in a while—and may or may not be great enablers—we put together a least of finds that pertain to the aforementioned vein, which will undoubtedly bring about a great deal of happiness to you and your home.

Bathing Beauty in Cobalt, Mosser Glass, $38

Available in a variety of chic colorways, this mini milk glass accent piece can double as the perfect catch-all for everything from business cards to jewelry and even function as a soap dish or ashtray. Useless? We think not. 


Boing, Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, $500

From the ultra creative, Brooklyn-based design duo, Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao, comes a sculptural piece that will surely transform just about any room of your home. The color-charged, pattern-rich, and mixed media piece is about a great conversational piece as it is a style statement.

Mini Container, Good Thing, $14

With such a low price point and the added element of functionality, we would be seriously hard-pressed to miss out on this one. Comprised of two geometrically-charged pieces, this one’s all about concealing the random odds and ends that tend accumulate—be it on your vanity or office desk.

Balancing Blocks, Fort Standard, $48

A decorative accent piece that comes with a DIY element is always a plus in our book. Mix and match the vibrant pieces of this set of 10 to create a personalized statement that fits your mood and style.

Reality Bank in the Form of a Pig, Harry Allen via Areaware, $250

We would venture a guess that the vessel that currently houses your spare change is probably not one you love having on display. We’re all for throwing it back to this retro concept—a glam revamp goes without saying. Accumulate your change in style, and none will ever be the wiser. 

Persephone, Concrete Cat, $180

Concrete Cat’s approach to elevating even the most mundane of household essentials never ceases to inspire and this little bundle is no exception. The two-piece catch-all, of sorts, boasts their signature color-fueled composition, doubling as either a handy vessel or as a decorative accent.

Arrow, Fredericks and Mae, $95

A bundle of arrows may seem relatively useless and yet, they are also entirely covet-worthy. Being purely decorational, we’re all for displaying this colorful bunch to add a burst of character to an otherwise whitewashed or drab space.

Sissy Bolster Pillow, Huldra of Norway, $260

Handcrafted in NYC, this is one item your living room probably (no, definitely) needs. Its unapologetically shaggy composition earmarks it as one seriously bold statement that will impart your sofa or lounge with an extra dose of texture and style. 

Spinny-Top Bathroom Scale, Seletti, $200

Seletti’s avant-garde approach to reinventing the standard slew of basics always brings about a refreshing element, especially if we’re talking decor-wise. Here, a truly out-of-the-box take on a scale to impart your bathroom with a vibrant pop of color.

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