Published on April 12, 2018

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Illustration by PHUONG NGUYEN

Design trends come and go like crazy—just last year, we were loving patterned wallpaper, and now, we’re falling hard for statement lights. And nobody knows this fact better than Google: The tech giant’s search data can provide a ton of info based on who’s searching for what trend. This in turn can help both home sellers and real estate agents figure out exactly which items and features to prioritize when it comes to putting homes on the market to get the best deal possible.

But what about the trends that are so over? After all, nobody wants their home to look outdated, whether they’re planning to sell or not. In order to find out which once popular decor items are now on their way out, Digital Third Coast analyzed Google search trends from 2004 to 2017 and found the products people are definitively not searching for anymore by looking at declining search rate volume. 

According to Google, these six design trends are totally over:

1. Futons

2. Lava lamps

3. Tiffany lamps

4. Bead curtains

5. Fake fruit

6. Inspirational plaques

While this list isn’t really that surprising (I mean, come on: When did you last use a lava lamp?), it is interesting to note how far the mighty have fallen. For instance, Tiffany lamps seemed to be super popular back in 2004, peaking at 100,000 monthly searches—now, their popularity has severely tanked, with searches at below 25,000.

These items also all seem to have something pretty distinctive in common: They’re reminiscent of a more kitschy, relaxed style, which isn’t really the most popular option these days. And as for what’s replacing these decade-old trends? We’ve seen a lot of Himalayan salt lamps, vibrant red couches, and textured knits instead, which follow a more sophisticated style and are influenced by wellness. 

So, if you’re looking to redo your home and have been holding on to some of these items in hopes that they’ll come back again, we’re sorry to burst your bubble… but hey, that’s what spring refreshes are for, right?

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