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Forget what you think you know about couch covers—today they’re actually affordable, easy to use, and available in every color under the sun. Slipcovers are not only surprisingly chic, they’re able to withstand everything from pets with boundary issues to dining in the living room (we’ll see your red-wine spill and raise you a pizza-oil stain). They’re also the simplest way to reinvent your space—because who can stomach the wait for back-ordered furniture, delivery delays, or the steep price tags of a new sofa or sectional (in fact, it’s artist Agi Raw’s go-to trick to making a room feel like new). And with a slipcover, a trendy white sofa can finally be yours without the worry of keeping it clean. Scroll through our top picks to find the best couch covers for you—they’re sure to give your furniture a new lease on life after just one trip to the laundry room.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Comfortworks Pure Linen Sofa Cover

Pure linen couch cover for muji sofa

Material: 100% linen | Universal: No | Fitted or loose: Fitted | Sizes: Based on brands such as IKEA, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel

What we like: 

  • Sizes available for 34 different brands 
  • Each cover is labeled with a tag indicating the corresponding cushion or armrest
  • Easily washes and returns to original color

Worth noting: 

  • For brands not listed, you’ll need to pay extra for a custom cover

Why we chose it: Made from 100% linen, these custom couch covers are durable, washable, and stay put without sliding. 

With Comfortworks’s Pure Linen line, DIYer Sara Le finally has the white sofa of her dreams. More than a year after purchasing her slipcover, she confirms it has held up beautifully in her active household. “I have two kids who eat and play on our sofa every day; I can’t get them off it,” she notes. “Spills and stains most definitely happen—I’m talking orange juice, blueberries, Hot Cheeto fingers—but I don’t stress about it because I know the cover is washable and so durable. It always comes out bright white all over again!” Her favorite part, though, may be the invisible zippers that prevent sliding.

Best Value: Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Stretchy Couch Cover in Gray
Stretch Sofa Slipcover, Easy-Going ($29)

Material: Polyester-and-spandex blend | Universal: Yes | Fitted or loose: Fitted | Sizes: 4-seater sofa, chair, love seat, oversize chair, oversize loveseat, oversize sofa, sofa

What we like: 

  • Superstretchy
  • Less than $30 for a full sofa size
  • Ships with anti-slip foam to prevent slipping

Worth noting: 

  • Only one single universal piece (measure carefully!)

Why we chose it: How can you argue with 80,000-plus positive reviews?

Shoppers can’t seem to say enough good things about this affordable cover. No matter how oddly shaped (such as one reviewer’s IKEA Kivik L-shaped sofa) a couch is or if it reclines, this product refuses to slip or move out of place, despite being one piece. One of the biggest issues with slipcovers is the fact that users are always readjusting to keep the formfitting look, but this cover apparently refuses to budge. Plus, as one happy customer notes, it “doesn’t look or feel cheap,” despite the low price point. Other benefits listed by owners include its resistance to pet fur and stains, earning it 4.3 stars on Amazon.

Best Texture: Kekou Stretch Sofa Cover

Beige Couch Cover

Material: Polyester blend | Universal: Yes | Fitted or loose: Fitted | Sizes: Extra-large, large, medium, small

What we like: 

  • Quality stitching
  • Soft, textured fabric resists pet fur and dirt
  • Anti-slip foam rods included for a tight, slip-free fit

Worth noting: 

  • Colors may vary from online images

Why we chose it: An elastic, wrinkle-resistant couch cover that stretches to fit most sizes.

This magic sofa cover is a bargain for anyone who doesn’t want to bother with multiple pieces of fabric. Sold as one elastic-edged piece, each stretches to fit a variety of shapes—the jacquard-like fabric is available in 20 colors, and sizes range from small to extra-extra-large—and comes with a foam rod that can be placed between cushions for a smoother look. We love that it isn’t your typical faux suede; one reviewer notes it’s “quality made and has quality stitching,” and others have said it has yet to show signs of wear, resisting pills and tears.

Best Tie-Front: Farmhouse Basketweave Sofa Slipcover 

Tie front faux linen slip cover

Material: Polyester | Universal: Yes | Fitted or loose: Loose | Sizes: 74 to 96 inches

What we like: 

  • Simple construction is easy to set up 
  • Ties on the front add charming detail 
  • Thick fabric hides most patterns or stains 

Worth noting: 

  • Reviewers say it wrinkles easily
  • Polyester fabric is less breathable than linen

Why we chose it: For a more traditional slipcover look (read: cottage vibes), this cover is thick enough to hide any pattern underneath. 

This faux linen couch cover from Target is thick enough to hide even the wildest colors and patterns, and its classic ties work just as well in a new traditionalist’s space with English cottage vibes as a modernist room that’s dominated by clean lines. The only drawback? Made with polyester, the basket-weave slipcover isn’t quite as breathable as linen, but it’s still worth every penny. A few runners-up in this category we think are worth mentioning: the IKEA Uppland cover and this Khaki Stripe

Best Loose Fit: Magic Linen Couch Cover 

Rust Linen Couch Cover Draped Over Sofa with Pillow

Material: Linen | Universal: Yes | Fitted or loose: Loose | Sizes: 12 options

What we like: 

  • Stonewashed linen fabric
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Oeko-Tex certified

Worth noting: 

  • Tends to wrinkle 
  • Will require repositioning from time to time

Why we chose it: If you’re looking for a no-fuss cover you can just toss over the couch, this is it. 

For the furniture equivalent of a Netflix-and-chill session, drape your sofa in this Etsy favorite, which blends sturdy fabric and quality stitching. Available in a range of saturated colors, from olive to mustard, the boho-chic linen coverlet is large enough to fit over both your king bedspread and sofa, yet it’s a more durable option than just tossing on a throw for the same effect.

The cover will need repositioning from time to time (since it’s not tied or zipped on), and beware that linen does have a tendency to wrinkle, but lots of people embrace this aesthetic, as that’s the natural beauty of the fabric. And don’t just take our word for it: This storefront is backed by an Oeko-Tex certification and has completed more than 1,000 positive sales. 

Best for L-Shaped Sectionals: Ebern Designs L-Shaped Sofa Slipcover

Navy Blue velvet couch cover
L-Shaped Sofa Slipcover , Ebern Designs ($98 was $130)

Material: Polyester-spandex blend | Universal: Yes | Fitted or loose: Fitted | Sizes: 1 size fits all 

What we like: 

  • Pet-friendly 
  • 2 pieces to cover the main sofa and chaise 
  • Strapless elastic corners

Worth noting: 

  •  No individual cushion covers 

Why we chose it: A straightforward, hassle-free cover that’ll universally stretch across all sorts of chaises. 

This well-reviewed cover for L-shaped sectionals comes in 17 different colors in a textured polyester-spandex blend that repels pet fur. It’s also stain-resistant, machine washable, and affordably priced (in fact, it’s often discounted and currently 25% off). Its prowess lies in simplicity, with just two pieces designed to fully stretch over any style. 

One reviewer comments, “Great fit, nice stretch, keeps everything tight. Easy to install; even after sitting and getting up off the couch, there is no wrinkle issue, especially if you correctly apply the foam rolls—the cover will not pop out after you tuck it [in] the couch! Love it; will be ordering more colors!” Another writes, “It’s perfect! It fits our couch and is exactly as described. Much, much better than the thousands of blankets we had to cover it with to protect it from our crazy puppies.”

Best for IKEA: Bemz IKEA Sofa Cover

Pink Sofa Cushion Cover

Material: Linen, corduroy, wool-look, velvet, recycled material | Universal: No | Fitted or loose: Fitted | Sizes: 30-plus IKEA models

What we like: 

  • Compatible with 30-plus IKEA models
  • Wide range of color options
  • Lots of material options

Worth noting: 

  • Will take about a month to arrive

Why we chose it: These covers completely transform an IKEA sofa into a luxurious, custom-looking piece.

Don’t part ways with your starter sofa just yet. Bemz slipcovers are compatible with 30-plus IKEA models and come in a loose and regular fit, as well as a range of fabrics (cotton, linen, velvet, and more) in nearly every color you can think of. Made in Europe to maintain quality and minimize waste, they’re even available in a 100% recycled line. That said, they are custom-sewn to order, so expect to wait approximately three to four weeks for the cover to arrive. And the company recently launched fabrics in teddy, bouclé, and tweed just in time to offer both visual texture and a warm, cozy feel to get through winter.

Best for Pets: Molly Mutt Couch Cover 

Molly Mutt Cover chevron pattern in gray

Material: Cotton canvas | Universal: Yes | Fitted or loose: Fitted | Sizes: 2-seater, 3-seater, 3-seater XL

What we like: 

  • Nonskid backing and discreet anchors 
  • Quilted canvas easily brushes clean 
  • Machine washable 

Worth noting: 

  • Less aesthetically pleasing than our other picks

Why we chose it: Couches and dogs are…not the best combo, but this machine washable cover keeps fabric clean and pets cozied up next to you.

Here’s a quick solution for furry companions that love to sprawl out on the sofa as much as you do. A nonskid backing combines with discreet anchors to keep this cover in place no matter how restless your pooch is. But the biggest draw has to be the no-fuss, quilted cotton canvas material, which brushes clean with little effort and can be washed just as easily. It’s not as luxe as Belgian linen or soft velvet, but with destructive pets around, this cover will certainly protect your investment couch underneath. Reviewers also rave about the brand’s outstanding customer service, as well as the quality construction. 

We Also Like


Blue Linen Slipcover for OKA sofa
Linen Slip Cover For Coleridge 3-Seater Sofa, OKA ($1,295)

Made specifically for OKA furniture, the brand’s slipcovers protect a splurgy piece from kids and pets thanks to exact dimensions—no excess fabric or slipping. 


Neutral Sixpenny Slipcover
Neva Sectional Slipcover, Sixpenny ($1,799)

The same goes for Sixpenny. If you own one of the brand’s Neva, Gabriel, Aria, Devyn, Amelia, Elias, Esme, Ziki, Loula, or Olea sofas, you can purchase a separate cover. All are removable, cleanable, and swappable, so you can switch out color schemes (there are dozens of recycled fabrics and hues to choose from) with the season or your evolving interior style. The caveat: These are pricey, and since each is made to order, can take 12 to 14 weeks to arrive at your door, although they do ship for free.


Quilted Couch Cover
Reversible Sofa Slipcover, Easy-Going ($45)

This water-resistant cover is made by the same brand as our favorite budget-friendly one. It’s an ideal option for those who want to protect a couch from unexpected wear while renting their space on Airbnb or Vrbo. 


Faux Leather Couch Cover
Ultimate Stretch Four-Piece Sofa Slipcover, SureFit ($219)

This brand is on our radar—we haven’t had any personal experience with it yet—and we’re intrigued by its promise to provide a custom upholstered look for $300 or less. The slipcover comes in machine washable, stretchy suede or faux leather for box and T-shaped cushions, and it ships for free.

How We Chose These Products

For us, the best couch covers balance comfort, style, and practicality. This is a product designed to protect your sofa from all sorts of daily wear and tear, whether it’s the dreaded wine spill, a puppy with attachment issues, or a child who hasn’t quite yet conquered a proper hand-cleaning technique. We also ensured our list of superior slipcovers included options for those who simply can’t afford a brand-new couch but still want a particular color or fabric—even if it happens to be a hard-to-care-for white—because we made sure all our picks were able to be tossed in the wash come laundry day to look good as new (even if the sofa underneath isn’t). Versatility was key as well, whether the design was able to stretch to multiple sizes as small as a love seat or as large as a sectional or to a range of popular brands such as IKEA and Crate & Barrel. You can stuff these fabrics into each crevice and corner (or opt for additional covers for each individual cushion) for tight, smooth lines or gently drape them over for an unfussy, relaxed look. 

Our Shopping Checklist


Most couches are roughly 80 inches wide, but can be as short as 75 inches or as long as 90-plus inches. Some covers are designed to fit specific products from brands like IKEA, Pottery Barn, Muji, and West Elm, but you can find universal covers that work for a variety of sizes (typically small, medium, and large) and styles as well. Our advice is to go with a cover that’s slightly bigger than your furniture to avoid having to grapple with the fabric, tucking anything extra into the corners for a smooth, streamlined look.  


If you’re trying to avoid the draped-sheet look of your grandparents’ living room—or fool guests into thinking you’ve ordered a brand-new piece of furniture—stick with fabrics that not only look good but feel high-end. Skip polyester-and-spandex combos and opt instead for luxurious linen, cotton, velvet, or corduroy. 


Having to constantly readjust a cover can be annoying, so look for options that either come in multiple pieces or are held together by zips, ties, or Velcro to keep them in place. 

Ask Domino

Q: How do you cover a couch and make it look good?

According to Christina Nydahl, head of brand at Bemz, it’s all about the wiggle. After removing each cushion (and the original fabric, if you can), adjust the opposite sides simultaneously as you pull the cover over the sofa; in other words, don’t cover one side completely before addressing the fit on the other side. “And make sure the seams are aligned to avoid unwanted creases,” advises Nydahl. But for a fit that looks upholstered, it’s best to order a custom-made cover.

Q: How often does a sofa slipcover need to be washed?

At least once a month is ideal, though Le suggests tackling the chore more often. “My favorite thing is to sit on it when it’s fresh, just like hopping into bed with crisp sheets,” notes Nydahl. “The cover is usually washed on a cold cycle, and it’s recommended not to tumble dry. But we’re rebels and do it anyway. It comes out perfect every time.” For routine upkeep, it’s best to fluff up your cushions on the daily and vacuum crumbs regularly. 

The Last Word 

Couch covers are no longer an unappealing solution for hand-me-down sofas—now they come in luxe fabrics and custom sizes and look just as inviting as the seat underneath. For the best of every world (custom sizing, tons of fabrics and colors), we love Comfortworks covers and its linen line in particular.