No Guest Bedroom? No Need With One of the Best Sleeper Sofas

Two functions, one seriously stylish piece of furniture.
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Sleeper sofas aren’t what they used to be—and that’s a good thing. Whatever lumpy pull-out mattress you crashed on years ago in your friend’s parents’ basement, forget about it. “With advances in design and technology, sleeper sofas now look like actual sofas and perform like actual beds,” says Mary Beth Christopher of MBC Interior Design. “This means you can truly get dual function not just out of the sofa but out of rooms as well. It’s a form and function success story!”

With the addition of a design-forward sleeper sofa (or is it a couch bed?), offices can double as guest bedrooms. Playrooms can become a spot for cousin sleepovers. Living rooms can act as an overflow sleeping area. “When square footage is limited, it’s not practical to devote an entire room for the occasional guest,” says interior designer Sarah Cole. “However, a sleeper sofa allows a space to be multifunctional for those once-in-a-blue-moon guest stays.” 

Now thanks to improved folding mechanisms, brands have been able to design higher-end sleeper sofas that you and your overnight guests will love to both sit and sleep on. Imagine intriguing silhouettes, slim arms, and less bulky cushions. We combed through our favorites and narrowed down the 10 best sleeper sofas. Read on for our top picks. 

Our Favorites

Best Easy Conversion: Article Braam Sleeper Sofa

Best Easy Conversion

Braam Sleeper Sofa, Article


Width up to: 75 inches | Mattress size: Queen or 2 twins | Mattress fill: Foam and pocket springs

What we like:

  • Fold-out conversion
  • Armless design
  • No assembly required

Worth noting:

  • 1 color, more ivory than in photos
  • Firm cushions

Why we chose it: Converting from couch to bed doesn’t get much easier than this.  

We’ve all been there, grunting and groaning as we try to yank out the heavy folded bed of a sleeper sofa. That’s not how this Article couch works. Instead, fold out the top bench cushion that’s secured via Velcro panel and—voilà! A nearly queen-size sleep area or two twin mattresses. They are made of high-density foam and pocket springs wrapped in polyester fiber, which are situated atop a wood frame. There’s no assembly required, which is a good thing since it weighs in at more than 130 pounds, and the sizing is nice for a small office or apartment living room. As a bed, it’s low to the ground, but you can achieve a makeshift guest suite by adding a mattress topper and your finest set of linens. The fact that it’s also a sophisticated armless, cool-as-can-be sofa? Even better. 

Best Compact: Lulu and Georgia Coniston Sleeper Sofa 

Best Crazy Cozy Mattress

Coniston Linen Sleeper Sofa by Ginny Macdonald, Lulu and Georgia


Width up to: 73 inches | Mattress size: Queen, king | Mattress fill: Foam

What we like:

  • Comfortably seats three
  • Available in 3 fabrics and 8 colors
  • Made in Los Angeles

Worth noting:

  • May take up to 10 weeks to ship
  • Legs aren’t removable
  • Firm mattress

Why we chose it: When a full house requires something that won’t crowd you or your other furniture.

Designer Ginny Macdonald’s Lulu and Georgia collaboration yielded plenty of desirable goods, including new upholstery for this exclusive number. The quaint three-person seater can be wrapped in stain-resistant linen, plush velvet, or a bouclé blend. We love that its sloped-arm silhouette won’t overpower smaller spaces—and that it incorporates Macdonald’s traditionally British and California-cool style. That’s part of the reason why it’s easy to mistake the timeless design for a sofa alone, when in reality you can remove the two cushions to easily pull out a foldable foam mattress. “This is the best sleeper sofa we’ve ever had,” notes one 5-star reviewer. “Solid construction. No spring,-foldable mattress is fantastic. Firm but wonderful!” 

Best Crazy-Cozy Mattress: West Elm Harmony Modular Sleeper Sofa

Best Crazy Cozy Mattress

Harmony Modular Sleeper Sofa, West Elm


Width up to: 84.5 inches | Mattress size: Queen | Mattress fill: High-density foam and gel foam

What we like:

  • You’ll actually want to sleep on its ultra-comfortable gel-foam mattress
  • The loose, reversible cushions have zip-off covers for easy cleaning
  • Add on an ottoman to instantly turn it into a sectional

Worth noting:

  • The pillows require occasional fluffing 

Why we chose it: The gel-foam mattress ensures a cool, comfortable night’s sleep for anyone who crashes. 

Sleeper sofas aren’t known for their rave-worthy mattresses, but this West Elm design is an exception. Its mattress is constructed with a layer of high-density foam and a layer of gel-infused foam that contours to your shape and wicks away body heat. (Sweaty sleepers, rejoice!) Sofa-wise, it’s just as impressive, with a contemporary bench seat and the option to add on an ottoman, which instantly turns it into a sectional. “This is a nice, clean style that will act like a design chameleon depending on its environment,” says Christopher. “Traditional or more modern, this is an easy fit.”

Best Value: DHP Franklin Mid-Century Daybed

Best Value

DHP Franklin Mid-Century Daybed


Width up to: 78 inches | Mattress size: Twin, full, queen | Mattress fill: Mattress not included

What we like:

  • Most affordable option on this list
  • An easy fit in even the smallest of spaces
  • Available in 3 sizes

Worth noting:

  • You’ll need to buy a mattress separately 
  • Easy assembly required

Why we chose it: This daybed doesn’t take up much space—and doesn’t cost a fortune either. 

It doesn’t get much simpler, or more affordable, than this daybed. With no couch-to-bed conversion necessary, it’s the best of both worlds, offering you an extra-flexible piece of furniture. Just ask yourself a few questions. Velvet or linen? Twin, full, or queen? Will you place it in a guest room, kid’s bedroom, or office? The only (potential) downside: The mattress is sold separately. Though at this price point that allows you to invest in one that’s the perfect size and firmness for you.

Best Extra Storage: EQ3 Reva Sectional Sofa Sleeper

Reva Sectional Sofa Sleeper, EQ3


Width up to: 126.8 inches | Mattress size: Double or queen | Mattress fill: Memory foam

What we like:

  • Customizable, down to the arm width
  • A storage chaise makes this piece particularly pragmatic

Worth noting:

  • May take up to 20 weeks for delivery
  • You’ll need an entryway clearance of 31 inches for delivery

Why we chose it: Multifunctionality for the win—this sectional’s chaise opens up for extra storage.

Our love for a chaise longue knows no bounds, but add the word storage in there and we’re practically swooning. With this sleeper sofa, you won’t have to venture back and forth to the linen closet to make up the pull-out bed whenever guests are ready to hit the hay; simply store everything you need right in the sofa. The chaise can go on the left or right, the arm width can be standard or narrow, and the mattress can be a double or queen size.

Best Sink-in-and-Stay Design: Ballard Designs Baldwin Upholstered Queen Sleeper

Best Sink In And Stay Design

Baldwin Upholstered Queen Sleeper, Ballard Designs

$3999 $3199

Width up to: 89 inches | Mattress size: Queen | Mattress fill: Spring

What we like:

  • You’ll never want to get up from the foam cushions 
  • The double-locking bed frame provides maximum support
  • Can be slipcovered for easy cleaning

Worth noting:

  • Likely will take 3 months to ship
  • The down pillows will require occasional fluffing

Why we chose it: Whether in couch or bed form, this sleeper begs you to cozy up and stay a while.

Just looking at this sleeper sofa has us feeling a nap coming on. It’s that cozy, no matter if it’s in couch mode or has been pulled out to reveal the tucked-in queen-size mattress. There’s no going wrong with any of the (many, many) fabric options, which include plenty of patterns as well as solid neutrals. Then pile on the pillows, including the four matching throw pillows it comes with, and kick your feet up. Here’s betting you’ll get plenty of use out of this sleeper sofa for years to come.

Best Oversize Option: Rove Concepts Milo Sleeper Sofa

Best Oversize Option

Milo Sleeper Sofa, Rove Concepts


Width up to: 98.4 inches | Mattress size: Queen | Mattress fill: Spring

What we like:

  • It’s long yet lean in terms of design
  • The cushions simply flip over to unveil the bed
  • Includes a washable mesh mattress cover

Worth noting:

  • Requires wide clearance through doorways 
  • Occasionally low in stock

Why we chose it: This large-and-in-charge sleeper sofa will be the star of your living room (without overwhelming the overall design).  

This sleeper sofa is a series of contradictions. It is low profile but high in style. It’s substantial in size—more than 8 feet long!—yet would blend in beautifully with other furniture. It’s sophisticated but casual. Best of all, the cushions simply flip over to create an easily convertible sofa bed. Sleepovers just got way more fun.

Best Slim Silhouette: Serena & Lily Grady Sleeper

Best Slim Silhouette

Grady Sleeper, Serena & Lily


Width up to: 88 inches | Mattress size: King | Mattress fill: Foam

What we like:

  • A sizable couch that won’t overwhelm a room
  • Available in 146 fabric options 
  • Made with a variety of sustainable wood and eco-friendly cushions

Worth noting:

  • The price is nothing to scoff at
  • Custom-made in the U.S. in 8 to 12 weeks
  • Nonreturnable

Why we chose it: While the sofa features slight, squared-off lines, its king-size mattress offers plenty of room for guests to stretch out.

“When you think of sleepers, you usually think of big and bulky,” says Kristine Renee of Design Alchemy. That doesn’t describe this one, even though it’s one of the longest options on this list with a king-size bed tucked inside. “I like how this has petite, feminine lines while still being highly functional,” she adds. “The slimmer arms take up less space, and that sloped profile gives it a nice element of unexpected style that is current and timeless.” There’s also an abundance of printed fabrics to choose from, if you want your sleeper to make more of a statement. Looking for something even smaller? We also reviewed the best sleeper sofas for small spaces.

Best Sleeper Chair: ABC Carpet & Home Cobble Hill Amy Twin Sleeper Chair

Cobble HIll Amy Twin Sleeper Chair, ABC Carpet & Home


Width: 41 inches | Mattress size: Twin | Mattress: Innerspring 

What we like:

  • Available in 80-plus color and fabric combos
  • An actually comfortable mattress 
  • Small-space-friendly yet big enough to fit a twin-size mattress

Worth noting:

  • Fabric is 100% polyester (but stain resistant and easy to clean)

Why we chose it: When less is more, opt for a chair—its twin mattress might just make it the comfiest sleeper on this list.

A compact chair version of the Amy Queen sleeper sofa (which we also love, by the way), this clean-lined seat discreetly hides a pull-out twin mattress that our managing shopping editor, Samantha Weiss-Hills, swears is the comfiest she’s experienced. In her words, it strikes the perfect balance of “sinking-in” softness and quality support. Plus operating the opening mechanism is seamless. There’s no laboring involved; the back cushion lifts up to act as a quasi-headboard, and the bottom cushion unfolds into the bed. It’s sizable enough where it doesn’t feel like a cot, making it an ideal addition to a home office that may already be tight on space. 

Best Slipcovered: Crate & Barrel Willow II Slipcovered Sleeper Sofa

Best Backless Daybed

Willow II Slipcovered Queen Sleeper Sofa, Crate & Barrel


Width up to: 84 inches | Mattress size: Queen | Mattress fill: Spring 

What we like:

  • Casual yet sophisticated look
  • Includes 2 fiber-down-blend throw pillows
  • 15 neutral colors in easy-to-clean cotton

Worth noting:

  • Spot-clean only (stubborn stains may require upholstery service)

Why we chose it: At first glance, you’d never guess this cottage-style couch is slipcovered—or that it has a bed inside.

Modern and tailored. As of a decade ago, those probably wouldn’t have been the words you’d use to describe a slipcovered sofa, let alone a sleeper. Now however, both slipcovered sofas and sleeper sofas—and best yet, a slipcovered sleeper sofa, like this one from Crate & Barrel—can make for a solid couch option. This pick doesn’t compromise style, comfort, or convenience with its fitted cotton covers. “I was happy to find that the sleeper itself pulls out easily,” notes one reviewer, who also shares that they were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the mattress is. “And the slipcovered exterior adjusts nicely to the transition when opened. This is honestly a great sofa—casual yet elegant and at an affordable price.”

How We Chose These Products

A sleeper sofa is not a nonchalant purchase. It’s a sofa, it’s a bed, and it’s a serious investment. To compile this list, we exclusively shopped brands we trust that consistently produce high-quality pieces of furniture. That way you can feel confident that any of these options would become an indispensable part of your home’s design for the long term. They all would be a cool and comfortable addition to your home today, and just as cool and comfortable years from now. 

Our Shopping Checklist


Whether you’re shopping for a sleeper sofa to sneak into a tiny office space or one that will be the centerpiece of a grand living room, you have many choices. We shopped for a variety of sleeper sofas in a variety of sizes. Some are twin size, others feature a king-size mattress, and many offer options in the middle.


The best sofa brands strive for long-lasting comfort, and we would expect the same from any sleeper sofa we’d consider buying. “With sleeper sofas, it’s all about the mechanism,” says Conner. “You want good hardware. That’s what will fail the quickest if it’s not quality.” Hardware that can withstand frequent conversions—and also converts easily!—topped our shopping checklist, and it should be at the top of your priority list, too. 


Customization is key to getting the exact look that you’ll love for years to come. Shop for sleeper sofas that allow you to choose the upholstery and even the length of the sofa. That’s what we did.  


Nowadays there’s no reason to settle for a snoozy sleeper sofa. (Hopefully we proved that with this list.) Invest in a forward-thinking design that features a cool silhouette, arm style, leg shape, fabric—or all of the above. 


“There is still a stigma that sleeper sofas are uncomfortable,” says Cole. “Many people cringe and think of that back-breaking bar found in older models.” That’s not the case anymore, though, so prioritize comfort. Well-made sleeper sofas include supportive mattresses as well as a platform bed mechanism that provides a level and barless sleeping surface. Your overnight guests will thank you.

Ask Domino

Q: How much space do you need for a sleeper sofa?

Whatever sleeper sofa you’re considering, keep a close eye on its dimensions, both of the sofa as is and when it’s fully extended into a bed. “You’ll want a minimum of 24 inches between the foot of the opened bed to the wall or another piece of furniture,” says Christopher. That way your guests won’t be hitting their shins on the corner of your coffee table when shuffling out of bed. As with any big furniture purchase, measure—and then measure again. 

Q: Can you put a mattress topper on a sleeper sofa?

Definitely! “There are a huge variety of mattress toppers out there, not just the old egg-crate style,” says Cole. Do you prefer memory foam, gel foam, wool, microfiber, or down? Depending on the topper you choose, you may not have to worry about finding a place to store it while the bed is tucked away either. “They are flexible enough to use on a sleeper sofa, and most can even fold up within the sofa,” she adds. 

Q: What’s the difference between a sleeper sofa and a sofa bed?

The phrases are so similar that it’s easy to use them interchangeably. There’s a major difference between the two, though. “A sleeper sofa has a dedicated mattress that folds into the frame of the sofa when not in use, and it has separate cushions that are used when sitting on the sofa,” explains Cole. “A sofa bed or futon uses a single cushion for both sleeping and sitting, so you sleep and sit on the same surface.” 

The Last Word

A design-forward sleeper sofa should be the best of both worlds: a couch you’ll feel comfortable kicking your feet up on, as well as a bed on which you and your guests can grab a good night’s sleep. Don’t settle for less.