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While some strictly abide by the TV-free living room, my husband and I aren’t those kind of people. Our television is mounted smack-dab above the fireplace; we eat snacks on our slipcovered sofa; and entire Sundays are spent in our den. Because of this, we’ve invested time into procuring the fluffiest pillows and, perhaps most important, the most optimal blankets.

I am a firm believer that a good throw is the cornerstone of any comfy couch—no matter the season. However, many people get the whole throw-blanket thing wrong: selecting a material that’s too itchy and hot or opting for a far too lightweight construction that feels flimsy. There’s also the issue of sacrificing aesthetics for comfort or vice versa. The snuggliest nonshedding blankets are often fashioned from synthetic fleece or sherpa, reminiscent of dorm rooms I’d rather forget. And the more elegant-looking styles made from linen or wool blends, at their worst, can feel papier-mâché-like to the touch.

After considerable research on, and testing of, the best throw blankets, I landed on something spectacular that is (technically) not a throw blanket at all—and that may be why it works so well. It’s a twin-size version of Parachute’s Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt, also known as (a title verified by many a houseguest and dog) the comfiest couch blanket of all time.

Parachute Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt

Crafted from Parachute’s fan-favorite organic (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified) “cloud” cotton material (a three-ply gauze fabrication), the blanket does not belie its cushy name. This can be attributed to the 100% poly-batting fill that lends it an extra oomph otherwise missing in traditional, thinner cotton-gauze types. (Think of it as a double-stuffed throw blanket.) Although it’s substantial, it doesn’t feel heavy or suffocating to snuggle under—and, what’s more, it’s even incredibly comfy to perch on top of. My husband and I initially purchased the quilt to use as a couch cover, as we were drawn to its lived-in look achieved by a garment-washed and yarn-dyed technique. But after receiving it, we found ourselves pulling it up to crawl underneath so often that it quickly moved from crumb catcher to honorary throw. Add that to the list of things we love about the quilt: It wears many hats.

As mentioned, all of our houseguests know and love it well—one so much so that she not only uses it on the couch but, when bedtime rolls around, will tote it upstairs with her to sleep. Another guest, while snuggled beneath it, put our movie night on pause so she could Google the name of the quilt to purchase for herself.

Arlo nestled into the Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt.

Our obsession with this blanket runs so deep that we bought a toddler-size version for our pup, Arlo—who is equally as partial to the plush creation as we are (see above). The miniature throw functions as a nice alternative for nights that require a little less coverage, as it’s still big enough for an adult to toss over half their body comfortably. It’s also slightly more affordable at $119.

On that front, the only complaint I have pertains to its price point: $259 for a twin-size quilt–turned–throw blanket is steep. But I’ve owned it now for over three years and can attest it is a worthy investment. It has saved our couch many a time from muddy paws and red wine stains, has stood up to countless cycles in the wash without fading or falling apart—and it still feels as cushy as the day it arrived on our doorstep.

While the original I purchased was the now sold-out Dune Marble Cloud Cotton Quilt, a colorway called clay is still available and it boasts a very similar sheen. If you’re in the market for something more textural, I’d urge you to snap up one of the gray-marbled quilts while the limited full/queen stock still stands. I can confidently say that you and the rest of your household won’t regret it.