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An Actually Sexy Sectional You Can Still Veg Out On

Meet the Leigh sofa, from Article’s latest collection.
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sectional sofa in living room
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Whenever we come across a well-balanced sectional—not too angular, too firm, or too marshmallowy—we take note. These couches can often get a few of those coveted traits right, but not all; they tend to lean too trendy (bouclé-covered three-seaters are cute but not always comfy) or outdated (read: a chunky La-Z-Boy soaking up precious square footage). And alluring corner sectionals that don’t come with sky-high price tags? The pickings are even slimmer. Yet somehow Article’s Leigh sectional, from the brand’s newest collection, captures everything we want in one: It’s modern, timeless, ultra-comfy, and spillproof. Not to mention that we can’t recall the last time we saw a sofa this large under $4,000.

From the moment we laid eyes on its pillow-shaped cushions, cloudlike silhouette, and unbeatable price tag, we knew the brand had a future bestseller on its hands. If you’re curious for the full scoop on this reasonably-priced gem primed for catnaps or tuning into a video call, read on.

The Leigh Corner Sectional

Leigh Sectional, Article

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The Stylish Silhouette

First things first: The Leigh’s silhouette is ingeniously versatile. It falls somewhere in between a Leanne Ford-type slipcovered beauty and a modular marvel. Equal parts modern and structured, this hybrid is the ideal companion for those with design tastes that can’t be pigeonholed into one style. It’s the sort of sofa that would fit right into a minimal den tomorrow and an eclectic, collected living room 10 years from now.

The Cloudlike Fill

While the Leigh’s inviting overall look was the initial draw for us, the most important part of a sofa—the fill—is the actual top priority. With online-only retailers, as is the case with Article, it can be difficult to get a true sense of a sofa’s feel from photos and technical descriptions (and honestly, it’s just not possible to know if you love it until you sit on it). But we’re pretty confident that the combination of high-density foam, duck feathers, and polyester fibers gives the Leigh that sink-in feeling but not so much that sitting back up is a struggle. And with firmer backrests, you can expect that the sectional won’t be totally misshapen after a lounge session. We’re always down to fluff up a pillow, just not every hour of every day. 

The Performance Fabric

The Leigh is debuting in just one colorway, a soft gray called silver ivory, but it’s the first indoor line from Article to use Olefin, which takes stain resistance to new heights. A type of polypropylene popular for outdoor furniture, Article’s version is softer and comes with a tighter weave and subtle texture. According to the brand, it’s most similar to a blend of wool and acrylic. The best part: If you happen to spill your morning cup of coffee or kids and pets get a little messy, liquids should bead up at the surface first, allotting more time to dab them.

The Just-Enough Deep Seat

Another win in our book: The nearly 28-inch seat depth is deep but not too deep if your usual hangout plans include snacks and beverages on the coffee table. It’s the perfect in-between, quickly earning a spot on our list of the best deep seat sofas; the size alone is an open invitation to sprawl and veg out, but firmer back cushions and angular arms offer spots to prop up. If you’re after a couch that can do it all, the Leigh could easily take up residence near the top of your list. 

swivel chair and ottoman
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If you already have a sofa or just need to fill a cozy spot or add a footrest, the matching ottoman and swivel chair are worth a gander, too. Both are easy on the eyes and just as durable, upholstered in the same low-maintenance performance fabric as the sofa. In the market for a full set? Consider the trio for an instantly furnished den—ready for late nights, movie marathons, and all sorts of get-togethers.