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Whether it’s putting open shelving in a kitchen or styling a bed with stuffed animals, we love a good design debate. And when it comes to throw pillows, we’ve found several friendly feuds you can take sides on. To karate chop or not? Mix it up or go matchy-matchy? And most important, how many are too many? Well, we might finally have an answer to that last one.  A recent poll conducted by Houzz attempts to settle the score. The majority of respondents (52 percent) felt that having three to five cushions on a couch hits the sweet spot. Unsurprisingly, a spicy discourse took place in the comments section (there were strong preferences based on a person’s height, the depth of the couch, the cushiness of the arms, and making exceptions for work-from-home setups). Our take: Have as many or as few pillows on your sofa as you like.

If this isn’t the type of pillow fight you want to participate in, skip ahead for some of the best cushions to pile on (or not). 

For a Solid Choice

Keep it simple and go for a neutral with a vintage finish that adds some depth, or bring in a single hue with a contrasting outline for a subtle something extra. 

For a Playful Print 

When it comes to patterns, there’s nothing as fun as Dusen Dusen’s famous Technicolor striping. We also love a statement graphic, especially when handcrafted in a traditional Indonesian technique, like these 3D diamonds. 

For a Funky Shape 

Soften things up with a circular choice or go long and lean with an option that doubles as lumbar support for the work-from-couch crew. 

For a Touchy-Feely Texture 

Cuddle up with a cozy sheepskin selection or lay your head on a cloud of velvet. Whether you’re down for a nap or logging in for a Netflix binge, lounging on the sofa will suddenly feel extra-luxurious.