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Kelly Wearstler’s New Fridge Obsession Has a Surprise Color Inside

Plus the two most important features in her own kitchen.
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Most people’s idea of an aesthetically pleasing refrigerator involves shelves stocked with color-coded vegetables. Kelly Wearstler wants you to think beyond perfectly organized produce. The acclaimed interior designer recently teamed up with luxury kitchen-appliance company JennAir for the second time to create a virtual concept kitchen set in the Southern California desert around the brand’s newest statement piece: the Burlesque fridge. From the outside, the limited-edition appliance (only 13 were produced) is meant to be finished with the panel of your choosing. Inside? The interior is coated in a rich burgundy color, a frame made of 650 LED lights, and a metallic-and-ceramic-ink snakeskin motif. 

Get Personal With Your Fridge…

While it might seem slightly extra to invest in a fridge that’s only noticeably unique when the door is open, Wearstler is an advocate for translating your character to every corner of your cooking space. “I would always urge people to step outside their comfort zone and see the potential use of an appliance as an accent. The same goes for a mixer or a really beautiful espresso machine,” she says. “Personalization is what is key in a kitchen.” 

…Or Your Wood Cabinets

Of course, Wearstler’s own kitchen in Malibu (pictured above) is about as personal as it gets. According to the designer, there are two elements that she considers to be the most essential in her space. One of those is the 18-foot-tall (!) ficus tree that, during the day, is bathed in sunshine via a skylight. The other? Her end-cut Douglas fir cabinets. The technique exposes the wood rings and graining, giving it the appearance of driftwood. “I’m at the beach; I want something that’s really organic and has a sense of place,” says Wearstler. “It’s the first and actually the only time I’ve done that.” We hope it isn’t the last.

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