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Kelly Wearstler Sees This Design Trend Taking Over 2023

Six more designers weigh in.
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Kelly Wearster in the lobby of the Santa Monica Proper
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska

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What does 2023 have in store? In Design Psychic, our community of editors, experts, and tastemakers predicts the trends coming soon to a home near you.

Most interior and furniture designers would say they avoid trends altogether—but that’s because when you’re one of the best creative minds in the business, you’re usually setting trends, not pinning them to your mood boards. 

In that spirit, we asked some of design’s brightest lights—from Kelly Wearster to Shavonda Gardner—to predict what we’ll all be adding to our homes in 2023. The verdict? It’s about to be a very colorful year. 

Stylish Surroundings

Find joy. Get weird. Next year, I am seeing things that reflect self-expression and rebellion. Interiors inspired by avant-garde fashion and underground music. I think we will see artful patterns and metallic fabrics in homes. Also the use of objects in design that they were not intended for. I also see playful colors like lilac and pale yellow happening. —Tiffany Howell, interior designer, Night Palm

Cozy Cool

Wood paneled room with a chalet feel
Photography by Skye Parrot

I’ve been thinking a lot about Swiss chalets, chunky pine furniture, intarsia and lattice, and charming wood details. It may be at odds with some of my other more “art forward” interests, but we have a diverse mix of clients and projects, and the folk-y details work for us, too! —Keren Richter, interior designer, White Arrow

Punch It Up

One design trend that I will be fully embracing in 2023 (and actually always try to embrace) is more saturated, punchy colors. I’m thrilled to see Pantone’s color of the year for 2023 is a vibrant magenta. I always encourage clients to add more color to their homes, as color has such a strong emotional impact on the way we feel in a space. The brighter and cheerier the better! —Leah Ring, interior designer, Another Human

Natural Beauty

I’m excited to see more use of natural materials such as limestone and travertine, as well as designers partnering with artisans. I also love limewash and Venetian plaster wall treatments, and I don’t believe they’re going anywhere anytime soon.  Victoria Adesanmi, interior designer

Form and Function

I hope 2023 brings a continued amalgam of handmade craft and technological innovation. Spaces and design objects that wed these two tracks are the future and what I find most inspiring. —Kelly Wearstler, interior designer

It’s Time to Get Funky

Purple walls and a red sofa
Photography by Meghan McNeer

I’m so here for accents and decor that will steal the show. Think: coffee tables in interesting shapes and materials, super-oversize lamps, funky patterned accent chairs, etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing us rethink those staple pieces so they have serious visual presence in a space. And because I’m a color lover, I’m embracing interesting color combos. Purple and red is my personal fave. Shavonda Gardner, interior designer

Soft Landings

Custom pillow sizes and contrasting upholstery. Two long lumbars on a sofa, an ultra-petite pillow for an armchair, or bolsters dividing a sectional sofa—abandoning standards when it comes to cushions is a trend I will be embracing in 2023. Each upholstery piece is unique, and the accompanying pillows should be as well. I will also be embracing using different fabrics on a singular upholstery piece. For instance, on a sofa maybe tonally the fabrics are the same color but the body of the sofa is in a caramel mohair and the seat cushions are in a natural linen. —Colin King, stylist

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