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What does 2022 have in store? In Design Psychic, our community of editors, experts, and tastemakers predict the trends coming soon to a house near you.

While most people spend the end of the year writing their personal New Year’s resolutions, we use the holidays to think about what we want to change about our homes. There’s nothing like a clean slate, and tossing out the decorating fads that no longer spark joy always leaves us (and our spaces) feeling fresh and energized. 

Have no fear, nostalgic throwbacks and sage green are here to stay (for now), but it might be time to hit pause on the monstera leaves and shapely wall murals in 2022. Read on for the five trends we’ve had enough of and the five we suggest you try next. 

Goodbye: Scandi Pastels

Hello: Dusky Shades From Nature

Photography by Belle Morizio; Styling by Julia Stevens

While we love a candy-colored interior as much as the next person, for 2022 we’re craving more soothing tones. Think: a stormy gray-blue or mauvy pink. The muted hues are ideal for a bedroom or anywhere you need help shutting out the news and relaxing for a second. 

grey purple paint blob
Purple 01: Matt, Lick Paint ($50)

Goodbye: Monstera Leaves

Hello: Mushrooms

Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

The days of jungle prints and millennials’ favorite plant consuming our social feeds are over. Look to the forest floor to find the next flora of the moment. Whether on dinnerware à la John Derian or adorning embroidered throw pillows, mushrooms are bringing all the fairycore feels. Like every dad insists, they really are fun guys. 

tufted mushroom pillow
Mushroom Mini Tufted Throw Pillow, Urban Outfitters Home ($29)

Goodbye: Slouchy Sofas

Hello: Chrome Framing

Photography by Max Burkhalter; Styling by Julia Stevens

During the pandemic’s peak, our homes became our sanctuaries. Comfort was key; stiff seating (much like our jeans) was pushed to the wayside. However, as the world—and our homes—open back up to friends and family, maybe a little structure in the form of shiny chrome armrests, seat backs, and furniture legs isn’t such a bad thing. 

chrome side table
Cascio Glass C Table End Table, Wayfair ($95)

Goodbye: Globe Lights

Hello: Paper Lanterns

Photography by Line Klein; Styling by Mille Collin Flaherty

Round light fixtures aren’t going anywhere, but glass is making way for something else. This time around, it’s all about an ambient glow, often aided in part by paper shades. Cluster a bunch from Amazon over the dining table or splurge on a single Noguchi bedside lamp and take a turn on the softer side of lighting next year.

white round paper lantern
24-inch White Round Paper Lantern, Amazon ($13)

Goodbye: Color-Blocked Murals

Hello: Punchy Wallpaper

Photography by Matt Clayton

It seemed like everyone painted a statement arch in their home last year. The latest take on the accent wall stars a different material: wallpaper. Abstract, midsize patterns, like Cold Picnic’s Art Deco botanicals, offer that geometric punch with a twist—and we’ll even help you get the install right

navy geometric wallpaper
The Aviary, At Night, Cold Picnic ($750)