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After years of sleek minimalism and subdued tones, we’re starting to see a resurgence of bold colors, retro styles, and eclectic spaces that prize the personal over the perfect and allow for a bit more experimentation. The end of this year has seen trends like pink bathrooms and clunky coffee tables take off—possibly the mark of an industry-wide shift toward a more playful, maximalist sensibility. 2019 is looking a lot more vibrant. And as a result, there are a few tired trends team Domino is ready to move on from in the New Year.

Of course, personal style (and the whole idea of “trends”) is highly subjective. If you love neutral minimalism, it’s impractical to suggest that you throw out all your belongings in favor of bright Living Coral pieces. You do you. But if you’re in search of a little decor inspo and want to try something different in 2019, we have you covered.

Here are six of 2018’s biggest decor trends that we’re ready to retire; plus, what we’re replacing them with.


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Goodbye: Mid-century modern Hello: Eclecticism

Don’t get me wrong, I love mid-century modern furniture, but it’s time to see this trend evolve. Lately, I’m attracted to interiors that resist a single decor style and instead opt for a layered, eclectic look. It’s less about achieving perfection or following a decorating formula and more about imbuing your space with a sense of character and quirk—two qualities that make a truly memorable home. Sophie Miura, digital content director

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Goodbye: All-pastel everything Hello: Bold primary colors

The past few years have seen pastels (soft pinks, creams, and corals, in particular) craft an aesthetic that can now easily be considered overdone Instagram bait. I’m not suggesting we totally eschew these light colors but instead anchor them alongside something bolder. Primary colors like stark red and Yves Klein blue feel much more impactful these days than Millennial Pink. Rebecca Deczynski, digital editor

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Goodbye: Matching light wood finishes Hello: Mixed wood palettes

2018 was the year we hit peak bright, white spaces clad in only natural wood tones. From birch wood shelving to the now ubiquitous Floyd bed to the endlessly useful Ikea Frosta stool, it seemed like everyone committed to the light plywood-only lifestyle. While this limited palette has been used by minimalist masters like Jesse Kamm or Casey Zhang to conjure up weightlessly fresh living spaces, it can easily veer into feeling cheap and uninspired.

In 2019, I’m looking forward to seeing juxtaposed wood surfaces from natural birch to decadent rosewood burl to carved, painted vintage gems. Take notes from the masterful wood pairings of the eclectic seating area in the home of designer Jonny Ribeiro. Cyrus Ferguson, editorial contributor

Photography by Jessica Antola

Goodbye: Brass hardware Hello: Quirky pulls and high-design knobs

I think brass has overstayed its welcome in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to hardware. I’d love to see more woods, exaggerated shapes, and plays on sculpture. It’s easy to overlook the details in a kitchen—especially when you’re focused on creating a streamlined, functional environment—but it’s the smallest accents that help bring character to a space. Lydia Geisel, digital editorial assistant


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Goodbye: Talking about going green Hello: Actually going green

A lot of really cool products have come out in the past year that make it easier than ever to create a more sustainable home. Compost bins are cute, stylish reusable wraps are here to replace your plastic bags or Tupperware… basically, your kitchen is the perfect place to start.

That said, it’s not just about replacing your old “bad” habits with new shiny products. Being more mindful about what you bring into your space—furniture and accessories included—continues to be important. Supporting businesses big and small that are transparent about the materials they’re using and their efforts to be more sustainable, buying secondhand or vintage pieces (this can also be super budget-friendly!), and choosing to invest over buying, tossing, and then buying more, are all purchasing trends I hope to see really take off over the next year. Alyssa Clough, senior social media editor


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Goodbye: Picture-perfect gallery walls Hello: Eclectic mish-mash

Maybe I’m just giving myself license to be messy, but I hate when things look too well put-together. This year, we started seeing more creative approaches to gallery walls in the homes that we featured, and I’m very into the finished effect; less thought-out, more spontaneous and casual, and often deeply personal. I love the idea of adding trinkets beside traditional artwork to my walls too. Empty vintage frames, beaded necklaces, colorful fabric swatches… the more variety, the better. Elly Leavitt, associate digital editor

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