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[Updated May 24, 2017]

Because no bedroom is truly complete without one, Floyd announced today, May 24, the launch of a headboard to match their best-selling platform bed. Like Floyd’s other offerings, the headboard is easy to assemble and affordable. It’s three parts, takes three minutes to attach to your frame, is made from real birch, is available in black and white, and costs $250.

Learn more about Floyd’s new headboard at floyddetroit.com.

Every now and then, we come across a product that we just can’t stop thinking about. This time, it’s Floyd’s platform bed—and Floyd in general. Because they don’t just make beautiful, minimal furniture, they make it well.

Their products are designed in Detroit, American manufactured, delivered to your door—for free, and require no tools for assembly. Yep, that means your furniture can be assembled in a matter of minutes, not agonizingly long hours. The best part? Floyd’s furniture is modular, so items like your bed can grow with you.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a larger bed, you simply have to order another panel to add to your existing framework, which definitely makes investing in a bed frame an easier decision. Floyd’s modular designs are also ideal for city dwellers, or people who move a lot, because their items can be so easily disassembled and transported with little fuss. In other words, you’re not going to want to toss this stuff after a few years, you’re going to want to hold onto it.

The platform bed starts at just $489 for a twin-sized bed, $589 for a queen, and $699 for a king. When you’re talking about buying something you can hold onto forever, that’s a sweet deal.

Their designs are also easily customizable, meaning you can order the framework (the parts that look like the brackets and legs) and add them to a surface you already have and love. There are suggestions and guidelines on their website in case you’re looking for a new DIY project. Technically, you could also paint or stain the birch ply panels if you order the set.

In addition to their best-selling bed, Floyd also designs shelves, a dining room table that can double (or serve as) a desk, and organizational accessories like book ends and a mail drop.

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