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It’s no secret that we love flat-pack furniture and affordable prices that make it easy to be chic on a budget. Hence why San-Francisco based furniture design company Fyrn has caught our eye, and it’s sure to become a fast favorite of yours as well.

Fyrn is a rapidly-growing company founded by custom woodworker and furniture designer Ros Broughton. Known for a meticulous attention to detail and its distinctive blend of traditional craftsmanship and San Francisco industrialism, the company recently debuted its inaugural product line of six chairs and barstools, Stemn.

The design of each item is simple yet sleek and sophisticated. Fyrn’s signature attention to detail is at the forefront, thanks to the patented durable Stemn bracket which remain exposed and give each piece an industrial feel. More than just a design element, the brackets also serve a practical function: they make assembly easier.


While each item can be shipped flat and put together at home, Fyrn also offers an option for fully-assembled furniture for those who want to skip the process. Though you might want to try your hand at the home assembly option, as it’s not only easy to do (online tutorials are coming soon) but also cheaper.

Meanwhile, Fyrn’s commitment to producing personal-feeling furniture goes beyond just the products. The studio also designed the machines used to create the Stemn collection. The emphasis on quality from start to finish goes as deep as sustainable production techniques, as the company uses responsibly harvested lumber and recyclable packaging to minimize waste.

You can purchase items from Stemn on Fyrn’s site now. If you’re as obsessed as we are with this newest flat-pack furniture company, we have good news! In the coming year, Fyrn has plans to release at least a dozen new customizable chairs and stools, as well as expanding to tables, sofas, bookcases, and more. Stay tuned.

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Published on April 27, 2017