The fact that we love Ikea shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. From the clever ways each item from the shop can be used to the unexpected finds available in store, there is always something new to discover. And for as chic as each piece may be, we can never turn down the opportunity for a little upgrade.

From headboards and nightstands to outdoor essentials and reimagined dressers there is no shortage of Ikea furniture pieces or accessories, which have come face to face with a little revamp here and there. Ahead, just a few of our favorite Ikea products and the style-focused upgrades (read: the best Ikea hacks!) we found for each.

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IKEA PS 2017 Side table on Casters, $129

A mobile side table is the small-space’s best friend. Its ability to easily transfer from room to room is reason enough to make the investment but the fact that it can function as an efficient storage solution for just about any one of your needs really just seals the deal. Crafted from solid beech wood and paired with an acrylic lacquer top, its understated design is yet another major plus.


Ultimate Entertainment Center

Here’s the stylish bar cart you never knew you needed. From the delicate birch wood details to the ultra chic wallpapered surface, it’s the ideal accent piece that will fit in with just about any decor scheme. The versatile cart can be used a multitude of ways—a library on wheels, coffee cart, side table—and the choice of the wallpaper print is completely up to you.


SEKTION Base cabinet with Shelves, $203

The U.S.’s version of the classic Metod cabinet system (which is, unfortunately, only available in Europe and Asia), the Sektion series boasts an array of cabinets and bases, perfect for the ultimate customizable kitchen. And while there are only a handful of ways one can really “hack” a cabinet, the latest outpour of companies whose sole focus lies within said task, are here to change things up.


Statement Storage

You give us Ikea’s Metod cabinet system and we (er, Reform) give you a front replacement that will instantly transform it into an ultra luxe and statement-worthy storage unit. The Copenhagen-based studio prides itself on creating a collection of pieces that will help elevate the standard line of cabinets available at Ikea. Seeing the growing need and interest in custom-made carpentry kitchens, Reform’s goal is all about making that dream more of an affordable reality. We love this front for its sleek and streamlined build, and the subtle textural detail the composition of the front provides. Minimal DIY required.


LACK Wall shelf unit, $49.99

Ikea’s Lack series is undeniably one of its most popular to date. The versatility behind the structure of pieces is the primary reason, but the fact that it can seamlessly fit within a wide array of decorative styles is an added bonus.


Reading Nook

We’re doling out major creativity points for this one. What was once a standard Lack shelf, is reinvented into the ultimate reading nook, complete with a cushioned lounge, ample storage, and plenty of style to go around.

Get the how-to on Atelier de Curiosite.

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BILLY Bookcase, $59

The Billy bookcase is about as iconic as it gets, and thus, the opportunities for a revamp, essentially limitless. While the series is comprised of a variation of diverse shelving units, each embody the clean-cut and streamlined build the line is well-known for. Even more impressive? The fact that it is estimated that every five seconds, one Billy bookcase is sold somewhere in the world.


Built-In Shelving System

Can you spot the hack? This clever blogger transformed his into a stunning built-in unit, washed in a timeless shade of gray, which ingeniously blends in with the surrounding decor.

Get the how-to on designsixtynine.


LACK Wall shelf, $14.99

Available in a variety of sleek finishes, the Lack wall shelf is yet another classic. With the ability to emulate the feel of a floating shelf, this streamlined piece can double as everything from a bookshelf to so much more.


The Stylish Home Study

Pair Ikea’s classic Lack shelf with a leg frame to create a desk or entryway console. We’re taking cues from this scene that subs the alternate side of the frame with a stack of color-coded books instead.

Get the complete how-to on Livet Hemma.

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SOLIG Net, $24.99

Whether this one is utilized as per its intended purpose as an anti-mosquito repellent or as a canopy in the little one’s room, its delicate finish is all about instilling the space it occupies with a soothing element.


Floating Centerpieces

A woodland-inspired dinner party calls for plenty of ethereal textures that will offset the rigidity of the surround. Here, the Solig nets are revamped to function as dreamy accent pieces above the dining tables.

Get the DIY on Ikea.


SINNERLIG Pendant lamp, $59.99

Ikea’s Sinnerlig pendant lamp has been making a serious statement this season, and we’re all for reimagining the many ways this one piece can be used. We’ve seen it everywhere—from restaurants to homes, and everything else in between—but a revamp of the item? Not so much.


A Woven Accent Piece

The popular bamboo fixture is reimagined as a stylish accent piece, and one which certainly doesn’t compromise on functionality. Here, it comes paired with a set of blush-toned legs that transform the piece into a low-sitting floor lamp.

Get the how-to here.



VARDAGEN Muffin pan, $9.99

You see a muffin tin, we see the opportunity for so much more. Although, we will say that this durable piece can definitely function per its intended purpose all the same.


A Centerpiece Vessel

Who knew a muffin tin could double as table decor? Fill each well of the tin with a cluster of herbs to create an edible centerpiece that’s both fragrant and chic.

Get the scoop on Ikea.


STOCKHOLM 2017 Chair with cushion, $229

Consider rattan the It material of the season and what better way to embrace the trend than by way of a cozy seat? This new classic will impart your space with quite the stylish accent.


A Colorful Statement Seat

With the help of a little jersey cotton and yarn, this seat is transformed into a playfully colorful accent piece. Color-code the design to your heart’s content or embrace a single hue for a beautifully monochromatic or high-contrast finish.

Get the how-to on Brit + Co.


IVAR Cabinet, $70

The simplicity of the Ivar’s design is a major reason as to why this iconic piece has its mark down as a classic. The fine pine finish and streamlined build a few others on the long list. Customization is not only simple but, highly encouraged.


The Wall-Mounted Accent

You see an Ikea dresser, we see a stylish focal point that’s all about using that blank wall space. There’s your typical storage, and then there’s this. Stack two sets of a pair of Ivar cabinets side by side, and paint a mural of your choosing or cover with a graphic wallpaper for a truly statement worthy finish.


LURÖY Slatted bed base, $9.99

What may seem like simply an added accessories for a bigger furnishing staple, there is actually a whole lot more to this slatted bed base than meets the eye. Spoiler alert: Its repurposed use is one you would be hard-pressed to imagine.


Simple Storage

Here, the slatted bed base becomes a wall-mounted storage solution for the home office—bonus points for being both stylish and functional.

Get the how-to on Ich Designer.


INGEFÄRA Plant pot with Saucer, $3.99

While we can’t deny the allure of the rich shade of terra cotta that provides this staple with its depth, we’re all for a little revamp that brings on a mod and Scandinavian-inspired touch.


Scandi-Chic Vessel

Terracotta planters are a thing of the past. Reinvent Ikea’s Ingefara planter with a fresh coat of paint and impart the essential with a contemporary touch that can’t be matched.

Get the how-to here.



Featuring a high-gloss white and bamboo finish, this vanity exudes effortless elegance to no restraint. And much like the other pieces found in Ikea’s extended line of cabinets and bathroom or kitchen basics, the opportunities for customization come with few restraints.


Your Dream Vanity

Meet Superfront, a Swedish company that offers a variety of stylish accessories with the purpose of elevating Ikea basics. It’s hard to believe that this was once just a plain sink cabinet. Couple the cabinet front with an equally lustrous fixture and you will have a vanity that exudes effortless elegance to the nth degree.


METHOD Refrigerator for freezer

For those who often find themselves in need of a little extra storage in the kitchen, look no further than this clever piece. Specifically structured to sit atop your refrigerator, it provides the perfect added source of storage.


The Media Console

A line of the Sektion fridge top cabinets paired with a slab on top and bottom becomes the media center you never knew you needed. Suddenly, the family room has a whole lot more storage space to work with. You’re welcome.

Get the how-to on Livet Hemma.


RIBBA Frame, $9.99

Yet another Ikea staple which has seen its fair share of hacks and customizations. This versatile piece boasts an understated structure that will allow it to live within a wide range of decorative uses.


Artful Details

Lend a touch of color to your gallery wall with a colorful detail that really goes the distance. Here, the painted matting of the frames bring an unexpected yet entirely pleasant pop of color to the finish of the wall art.

Get the how-to on The Sweetest Digs.


MUSKOT Plant pot, $12.99

You know it, we know it, this gardening basic could definitely benefit from a little TLC. Preferably, one that comes with a vibrant color detail and added oomph.


A Textured Planter

An everyday planter is reinvented with an edgy texture that exudes fearless style with a bright pop of color. Because one can only have so many matte or glossy planters in their plant corner. Right?

Get the how-to on Poppytalk.


Ikea 365+ Coaster, cork, $1.99

There is so much more to these coffee table essentials than one would come to imagine. And given their very low price point, it is safe to say that a little revamp and DIY is in order.


Trendy Catch-All

Paint transforms these basic coasters into chic and minimal trinket dishes. Now, whether you choose to use utilize them as mini catch-alls for your daintier pieces of jewelry or clad them with a vibrant splash of paint and keep them as is (as coasters), is completely up to you.

Get the how-to on DIYs.


JÄRA Lamp shade, $3.99

If we were being honest, we would admit it, this lighting basic definitely errs on the snoozy side of things. And while one may be pressed to pair it with a standard table lamp, the creatives over on Designlovefest had a slightly different idea.


Statement Lighting

For the overhead lighting that looks a bit outdated or plain, add a delicate yarn accent for a more dressed up feel. We are loving the high-contrast detailing of this DIY, where a subtle black trim helps contribute depth and an element of interest to the otherwise whitewashed piece.

Get the scoop on DesignLoveFest.


FJÄDRAR Inner cushion, $5.99

Pro tip: Raid Ikea’s bedding aisles the next time you find yourself in need of a new throw pillow or textural element. This perfectly sized cushion is one that comes with plenty of potential for a little DIY.


A Cozy Nook Essential

Enter one budget-friendly DIY that takes under an hour to make and only requires a cushion plus a cover. Outfit an empty nook with a slew of these ultra-fluffy and beautifully sinkable floor poufs, to create the ultimate relaxation nook in your space.

Get the scoop on Poppytalk.


MARIUS Stool, $4.99

Astonishingly low price point aside, who could ever guess that this stackable stool could function as a statement piece? Taking its streamlined and basic build into consideration, we would venture to guess that the DIY potential is pretty big here.


The Textured Stool

You’ve probably seen your fair share of this must-have fur-covered stool and while we’re all for splurging on the real thing, we would settle for a DIY all the same. This super simple hack is one that will definitely run you a whole lot less than its name-brand counterparts.

Get the how-to on Darleen Meier.

This article was originally published March 4, 2016. It has been updated with new information.

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