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Try These 5 IKEA Curtain Hacks for Custom Drapes That Won’t Break the Bank

Bespoke begins at just $150.

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Ever notice how easily a room can be transformed with the simplest things, like the perfect coat of paint or just the right set of curtains? The latter is a designer’s go-to for adding charm, color, and texture in one fell swoop. But here’s the kicker—custom drapes can put a serious dent in your wallet. That’s where IKEA curtain hacks come in. 

The window treatments from the Swedish brand might be budget-friendly, but they’re also your secret weapon for a stylish home glow-up. With a blank canvas of affordable curtains and a world of creative possibilities, you can mix, match, tape, pinch, and pleat your way to sophistication without the premium price tag. These five DIY IKEA curtain hacks will show you how. 

Block-Print Them

Designer and blogger Lauren Macke wanted to play with patterns in her dining room, but instead of splurging on new drapes, she sought out custom block-print textiles on Etsy to zhuzh up her trusty Ritva curtain panels for a double-layer effect. The result? A fresh look that adds depth to the room without sacrificing the airy atmosphere.

Black Them Out

For Holly, the Instagram user behind Harbury House, her bay window was a cozy perk until it came to bedtime—it wasn’t an easy spot to dress so she decided to cover the entire wall. She couldn’t find any blackout curtains she actually liked, so she combined sheer Hannalill panels with a sun-blocking lining to make her own. 

Take Them to the Top 

By sewing two velvet Sanela panels together, and adding an extra-wide trim from Etsy to create more drama, designer Maggie Overby created custom-looking window covers that exude elegance. For the wall-to-wall effect, she mounted the fabric with ceiling tracks from Amazon

Dip Them in Dye

In designer Robin Heller’s color-drenched home, an old IKEA sofa became a canvas for tie-dyed artistry. With the help of Upstate’s Kalen Kaminski, matching curtains also hang behind the couch on oxblood rings and a Pepto-Bismol pink rod, all powder-coated in custom shades.

Give Them a Trim

Design influencer Alisa Bovino proves that elevating old curtains without a sewing machine can be a breeze. In her home, she opted to outfit her preloved Ritva panels with glue-on trim and carefully crafted pleats, neither of which require a Singer sewing machine.