4 IKEA Bed Hacks to Shake Up Your Space This Weekend

There’s no time like the present.
Courtesy of a Pair and a Spare

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that most people own at least something from IKEA. This long-beloved Swedish retailer makes it easy to furnish any room on a budget, and its styles are as adaptable to various tastes as Jane Austen novels are to different movie genres. But just because IKEA items are ubiquitous doesn’t mean that they’re readily changed. IKEA hacks have been trending for years, but how many of us have actually tried them?

If you’ve been meaning to repurpose an IKEA product for some time—much like you’ve been intending to actually read Pride and Prejudice—we found four IKEA bed hacks that might push you into action. These hacks can all be accomplished in an afternoon, and require not much more than a can of paint, a cute fabric, a few tools, and a steady hand. Use them to give a bedroom a quick update, whether that means creating a plush headboard, additional storage, or a bright bed frame. And when you’re through, you’ll have a design version of happily ever after that Austen would likely approve.

For the DIY Rookie…

This DIY cushion headboard from A Pair and a Spare is ideal for anyone who has trouble assembling even the easiest IKEA product. It starts with an IKEA cushion, like this, that’s cut to be a little larger than a bed frame. Then the cushion is wrapped in fabric like a present, and pinned to a wall using trendy leather hooks. Sounds easy, right? That’s because this project requires no sewing or heavy-duty tools.

For the Cozy Homebody…

Courtesy of Emily Henderson Design

Emily Henderson used another simple trick to turn an IKEA bed frame into a source of comfy, chic support: fabric. Two-inch thick foam and batting are stapled to the frame underneath the fabric, and then the rest of the frame is painted to match. The best part about this project is that you can go as bold or as basic with your fabric as you please.

For the Cabin Porn Enthusiast…

Courtesy of Sugar and Cloth

Sugar and Cloth created a more rustic headboard using an IKEA bed frame by covering it in Stickwood, a peel-and-stick material. The pieces are measured to fit the length of the existing headboard, and then placed in rows to cover the entire area. Once everything is attached, the wood is sprayed with polyurethane.

For the Colorful Bohemian…

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Once again, spray paint is the star factor of this straightforward IKEA bed hack, and all it takes is a frame that fits your room’s aesthetic. We like that this example from A Beautiful Mess has a classic look to it, which makes an unexpected shade look modern and fun.  

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