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For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in a climate where we can indulge in the luxury that is continuous access to the outdoors, we find ourselves hard-pressed to splurge on anything decorative for our exterior living spaces. When you essentially only have access to it four months out of the year, why splurge on furnishings that will, in reality, spend the better part of said year covered up or neatly tucked away in the basement?

Here’s where Ikea comes in. The purveyor of affordable, style-focused goods never fails to deliver in times of need. And while we’re all for going the standard route, and purchasing a handful of essentials that can transform our outdoor area into a totally livable and casual hangout, we’re also not above a little DIY.  As you plan your outdoor style scheme for summer, work in a few

ikea outdoor furniture

furniture”] hacks that will make time spent outside more enjoyable, without dipping too far into the summer vacation fund.

Ahead, we compiled a shortlist of clever hacks and DIYs with the outdoors in mind, courtesy of creatives from around the web. Read on to get inspired.

SIGNE Rug, $3.99

Available in an array of saturated colors, these flatwoven rugs are comprised of cotton and boast an easy-to-clean quality. Couple that with its insanely low price point and you have a real winner. If your outdoor space is heavily engrossed within the elements, the Sommar line makes for a great alternative.

Colorful throw pillows

Every outdoor sitting area deserves a vibrant pop of color—and what better way to bring that in than with patterned textiles? Now, whether you choose to take the tassel or fringe route (both is acceptable as well), we’ll leave that up to you.

Get the how-to on Treasures and Travels.

FROSTA Stool, $11.99

Ikea’s Frosta stool is one of the classics, a piece you’ve undoubtedly come across at one point or another—if not have yourself—and its chic yet understated build is a major component of that. Comprised of solid birch wood, it’s an everyday staple that deserves a spot in every home.

Hanging planter supports

It’s all about the legs of the Frosta here, which conveniently double as sleek hooks for all your outdoor plants. Take things a step further by highlighting the hanger with a chic wallpaper print behind, just like this serene scene. Make use of the outstanding element of the stool (the seat) and allow it to double as a centerpiece placeholder for the coffee table— alternatively, adhere a set of handles on the top and you have yourself a makeshift tray!

Get the how-to on Vtwonen.

The rolling bar cart

Yet another clever reinvention of the Frosta stool, albeit one that is virtually indiscernible. In lieu of utilizing the stool for its intended purpose, it’s ingeniously transformed into the rolling bar cart of our dreams. Consider the search for your summer entertaining station complete.

Get the how-to on Doitbutdoitnow.

TOPPIG Lantern, $14.99

While we’re all for fun alternatives to the standard slew of outdoor lighting, this Scandi-chic lantern is designated for a whole lot more than a simple light source.

A hanging planter

We love a good reinvention, especially when it provides a much-needed refresh on how we store our favorite greens. The clever DIY-er behind this streamlined project utilized a can of spray paint and copper wiring to convert the free-standing lantern into a chic, hanging planter.

Get the how-to on Apartment Therapy.

KNAGGLIG Box, $5.99

This pine box is not only durable—i.e. it can actually withstand life within the outdoor elements—it’s also versatile enough to live in just about any spot of your home. Crafted of untreated pine, it’s simply begging for a little makeover.

An outdoor dining table

Who could’ve guessed that this simple pine box could be as versatile as it is? The creatives over at Brit + Co went above and beyond when they hacked the Knagglig not one, but three times! Here, they paired the boxes with an old salvaged door, and with the help of some vibrant wall paint, transformed the pieces into the ultimate outdoor dining table. Paired with an eclectic slew of cozy floor poufs and cushions, it’s one spot we could definitely see ourselves spending all summer in.

Get the how-to on Brit + Co.

SOCKER plant pot and holder, $25

We love this handy planter for its sheer versatile nature, which allows it to either be set on a flat surface or hung on a railing—a major plus for those working with balconies or cramped quarters.

An herb garden

Come spring, it’s all about aggregating your greens in one convenient cluster—preferably reserved for a convenient spot on your deck—for easy picking. While you’re definitely at your liberty when it comes to the choice of colors, rest assured that this vibrant array is one we’d be quick to emulate. Small-space dwellers, take note.

Get the how-to on A Beautiful Mess.

SKOGSTA Bench, $69

Ikea’s current offering of sleek benches is pretty impressive, and while we’re all for the understated qualities of this acacia wood bench, a little revamp by way of a colorful detail can really go the distance.

An outdoor statement seat

Every outdoor space deserves a pop of color and one that comes with a functional element is definitely a win in our book. Sure, this one may be less of a hack and more of an upgrade, but there’s no denying the vast difference a coat of paint (in such a vibrant hue, nonetheless) can have on a standard bench.

Get the how-to on Sarah Hearts.

This story was originally published April12, 2016. It has been updated with new information.

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