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Laurence Leenaert, the artist and founder behind the whimsical brand LRNCE, got lucky. Her new studio, in the Sidi Ghanem neighborhood of Marrakech, is a large space with lots of windows, a rarity in Morocco, where most buildings have very little natural light streaming in. She was thrilled to have found the unusual spot, but there was one drawback: There weren’t enough surfaces to display her handcrafted blankets and rugs. 

The problem was no match for her imaginative mind, though. Her solution: metal hooks, which now hang around the perimeter of the ceiling, as well as in the middle of the workspace. “We made them to showcase our tapestries in the simplest, cleanest way,” she explains. “Plus, it’s very cozy to fill the room with textiles; it gives it warmth.” 

Photography by Sophie Denux

For the artist, who routinely switches from working on a clothing collection to painting ceramics, it also allows her to move things around freely and take photos of her work before uploading the pieces to her website. But for those of us living in open-plan spaces, it’s a smart alternative to a traditional room divider (and it’s easy to build, to boot). Hanging a divider keeps everything off the ground, which gives the impression of more space and is an opportunity to display fabrics or greenery you love.


Leenaert custom-made the round hooks out of metal and had them painted black, then ran wood poles between them to hang both her woven items, which she can drape over the rod, and a variety of macramé planters at different heights. All you need to follow suit is a pretty creation of your own to show off.

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