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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that sunlight is a game changer when it comes to our mood and energy. This rings especially true for interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, who is in the midst of building her dream studio with one clear-cut vision: a bright, modern workspace where she can revel in her family home’s natural surroundings.

Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Samuel’s property is nestled into a hillside overlooking woodland. The tree-lined site is a major reason she fell in love with the home, so it’s no surprise the designer’s sanctuary-slash-studio will have unobstructed views of the idyllic landscape and a healthy dose of sunlight streaming in.

“Having natural light is incredibly important as a designer,” says Samuel. “Being able to see true colors plays a huge part when speccing finishes and paint colors.” 

To create her ultimate workspace, Samuel turned to Marvin for custom windows and doors that would bring her design vision to life. “I’ve always wanted to build a ‘modern shed’ for an office, and when I saw the new Marvin Modern line, it all clicked. I designed the structure around its multi-slide door that goes from floor to ceiling and wall to wall,” she explains. Cue all the natural light and lush green vistas the designer could ever want. 

Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Samuel modeled the long, narrow space after a house with a single-gable roof. Clean lines are an integral component of the design plan, right on par with Marvin’s Modern product line. The still-under-construction office will feature a black facade (to match her house) and a surprising contrast: a dark wall devoid of windows across from one that’s nearly completely open to the outside. “When you walk up the structure it feels almost like a bunker, and the big reveal is when you round the corner to arrive at the large wall of glass expansive sliders,” she explains.

For the interior, Samuel is all about adhering to a clean, unobtrusive backdrop for her projects. The wall of windows will be the sole focal point, which “gives the eye space to breathe and space to create,” she notes. “The ultimate and ever-changing blank canvas.”

A built-in desk will face the gorgeous expanse of trees, providing the designer with a sense of calm and a constant source of inspiration. “It’s as dreamy as it sounds,” Samuel says of the ability to look up from her computer to see the woods and ravine. “Views of nature help to clear the mind, which is really when inspiration is most likely to hit.”

Stay tuned to see the full reveal this winter!

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