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Of all the spaces in your home that tend to get the styling shaft, closets are often at the forefront. As a necessary place of storage where beloved sweaters intermingle with long-forgotten skirts, they’re used as a way to make ourselves and other rooms look more pulled together. If the space itself doesn’t look that great, we usually just shrug it off—all we have to do is shut the door to its disarray anyway.

But closets can present an opportunity for peace of mind, because when we’re organized, we feel more at ease. And when we know what’s in our wardrobes, or stored in boxes, or perched high on shelves, we’re less likely to spend money on things we don’t need. So what’s the best way to start getting your wardrobe in order? By faking a custom look.

We found four IKEA closet hacks that should spark joy in the pursuit of streamlining even the most jumbled spaces. From large projects to smaller upgrades, these ideas can overhaul your storage’s organizational potential. 


If you want a complete change…

When you have the luxury of a walk-in closet, make sure that every square inch lives up to its reputation. Erin Kestenbaum does just that with the help of IKEA’s Pax wardrobe system, which she outfitted with recessed lighting, crown molding, blue paint, and gold hardware. Sure, it’s a big to-do, but the results will be worth it. 

If you’re not afraid of a little paint…

Jenny Komenda gave Domino the lowdown on hacking IKEA’s Pax wardrobe a few years ago, and her advice is still worth following. She says that the biggest thing to remember is to paint the surface using a shellac-based primer and match the shade to the rest of the surrounding walls. She also recommends adding crown molding, bold hardware, and even mirrors to the doors for a look that will always make you happy to put things away. 

If you need more drawers…

Sometimes your closet simply doesn’t have the room for your collection of knickknacks. And when that happens, you should slide in this chest of drawers from Full Time Fiesta. This idea takes an Alex drawer unit and paints it in an ombré design for a fun finish that’ll stand out among the rest of your possessions. Use it to store scarves, jewelry, and other accessories all in one place. 

If you want easy personalization…

The clean lines of IKEA wardrobes lend themselves well to a range of custom fronts and hardware, which is why you’ve probably come across this easy upgrade before. Brands like Superfront, Norse Interiors, and Semihandmade are especially noteworthy because their collections feature intricate fronts and modern pulls. Think about using a saturated shade; it will make a fun statement in your bedroom. 


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