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We still have a large chunk of 2018 to go, but we’re already looking to the future. Specifically, the future of color—and we’re not the only ones. With so many prominent paint companies and leaders releasing their predictions for the 2019 color of the year, there is no shortage of design inspiration to get us thinking about the year ahead.

And while announcements are still being made, the colors that have been revealed, so far, share a telling element of commonality. Between soft neutrals and nature-inspired hues, the overarching theme seems to be a return to a calming characteristic. If these shades are any indication, 2019 will hopefully be a far more zen year. It may only be October, but maybe it’s time to start giving your home an overhaul for the better, courtesy of a few colorful updates.

If you, too, are feeling ambitious with your design, here’s every color that’s been slated to hit it big in the coming year.

Springtime Chic

In honor of Valspar’s 10-year anniversary announcing color trends, the brand has released not one, but 12 colors it’s predicting are going to be big next year. The palette ranges from breezy blues meant to filter out emotional stress and create a happy home environment to vibrant oranges that inspire creativity. These bold takes on basic colors speak to the vast range of moods we experience on a daily basis—the idea is that creating a change in your life starts with doing something as easy as changing the paint on your walls. Take your pick from the colorful spring-appropriate palette.

Reflecting Pool

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams picked a turquoise hue (dubbed “Reflecting Pool”) for its forecast. The blue was chosen in conjunction with three distinct new palettes, each of which cater to a different type of decorator. Sophisticated Whimsy, Mystic Light, and Everyday Balance each offer choices in both subdued and bold colorways sure to suit a range of styles.

“The 2019 distinguished Color of the Year, Reflecting Pool, is incredibly versatile and can be combined with any of the trending Color Collections,” explained Ashley Banbury, the brand’s senior color designer, in a statement. “It can be soft and calming when mixed with natural hues, but energizing and fun when combined with the vivid and bold shades.”

Pale Gray

Benjamin Moore’s pick for 2019’s hottest hue is starkly different from the bold red it chose last year. Metropolitan AF – 690 is a soft gray with cool undertones, purportedly reflecting “the modern sophistication of 21st-century design,” according to the color’s description.

At the grand unveiling event, we learned a bit more about the impetus behind the selection. “One of the things that really resonated with me through all this research was the need to find a common ground, and this color really exemplifies that,” Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s color and design expert, told us. The strength of this particular shade of gray therefore lies in its versatility. It’s equally perfect for tying together a calming, neutral-tinted space as it is prime for contrast with punchier hues.

Deep Blue-Gray

If gray is trending, so are colors with gray undertones. That’s what Behr is saying, anyway, in choosing Blueprint S470 – 5 as its 2019 color of the year. The rich blue is equal parts bold and demure. Whether you go all out with a full room coated in the shade or choose to confine it to smaller moments—painting an archway in Blueprint, for example, or giving an old piece of furniture a new lease on life with a coat of blue—it’s a fairly easy one to incorporate into your space, no matter your personal style.

Muted Terracotta

“French designers are really experimenting with this whole ‘cool cowgirl-chic’ aesthetic. So I started thinking about what that means and it ties back to this idea of the wanderer… of getting out and seeing the world. The American southwest is just so stunningly beautiful that it’s an easy narrative to tell,” explains Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, of the brand’s color pick. Cavern Clay SW 7701 is a warm and earthy neutral, straddling the barrier between brick orange and rusty brown. If you’re someone who gravitates towards warmer tones over cooler shades, this one’s for you.

Inspired by travel, the desert, and just a hint of nostalgia, this particular color is going to be quite an easy one to bring home. Give your cabinets a refresh with this hue, or try bringing a natural feel to your living room by painting the walls in Cavern Clay.

Emerald Green

According to PPG Paint, 2019 is all about reconnecting with nature—even if the “reconnecting” bit comes from channeling the outdoors through a deep shade of green. Night Watch PPG1145 – 7 is a luxurious-looking deep shade of green, lending itself perfectly to more elegant design settings. The choice was made after the PPG Paint team took a survey of the current international climate and pulled from recent trends, deciding that what we need most right now is a bit of respite from an overwhelmingly tumultuous era. We’re inclined to agree and think that any way to bring a bit of natural zen home sounds great.

Try this green as an accent wall in a smaller space, to bring some drama without turning your little studio into a dark, moody cave.  

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