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When it comes to advice for her younger self, Heather Taylor has none to give. “I don’t think I would have done anything differently,” the textile designer with a cultlike following tells Domino contributing editor Benjamin Reynaert in the second episode of Design Time: Trending Forward (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “You do the best you can in your 20s and 30s.” The secret behind her business, which is known for its handwoven linens and chic home goods, is undoubtedly her passion—and determination—to make every day more enjoyable. “This is a crazy life—if I can make my morning coffee feel a little prettier with a beautiful napkin and tablecloth, I’m gonna go for that.”

In this episode, Taylor talks about her biggest inspirations and running a brand while navigating a global pandemic, and offers advice to budding creative entrepreneurs. We also get her take on the popular design trends of the season, including what she’s currently loving, what she could do without, and what’s on the brink of becoming the next big thing. 

What’s In: Floral Wallpaper

Nothing makes a bigger impression than a floral wallpaper. I especially love it in a powder room or guest room. It’s nostalgic yet fresh and sophisticated at the same time.

What’s Out: Moroccan Rugs

At the moment, I’m loving something a bit more neutral. Jute rugs really allow me to build out the rest of a space with as much color and pattern play as I want. I find them to be a very soothing and grounding foundation for any room.

What’s Next: Lots of Color 

People are embracing color. We are moving away from the whitewashed look and focusing on interesting patterns and textures. For a long time, everyone had a white kitchen—now they have beautiful shades of green. You do not need to be scared of color! 

Eager to know what else it’s time to move on from—and what to look out for next? Listen to the full episode here.