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“My home is messy.” Those four words sent the Internet into an uproar earlier this week as Marie Kondo confessed to The Washington Post that since having her third child in 2021 she’s given up on maintaining a perfectly tidy house. (While many have chalked up her change of heart to just being human, others were frustrated by her sudden lack of loyalty to the lifestyle she has spent years selling.) So suffice it to say, we were excited when we got some actually useful organization news. Nestig, the brand best known for its chic convertible cribs, just launched seven different shelving units for kids’ rooms and nurseries. 

The drop signals a significant expansion into storage for the company, which up to this point just had two dresser options in the mix. The pieces share a number of similarities (they are all handcrafted in Brazil out of solid pine and eco-engineered wood, and most of them come with anti-tip kits so you can securely attach them to a wall), but beyond that, they offer something different for every type of kid and their tidying tendencies. 

If They Are Constantly on the Move

wood open shelf cubbies

Discovery Shelf, Nestig ($649)

A simple, Montessori-style system leaves everything out in the open (note how the six cubbies are all doorless), so items are always easily in reach. 

If They Take a Lot of Pride in Their Belongings

white and wood shelves

Explorer Shelf, Nestig ($899)

This one’s nondescript closed storage nooks are perfect for when they want to hide a delicate Lego creation or a collection of treasured shells from curious friends. 

If They Are a Hands-On Learner

white cubbies with round hardware

Hide and Seek Shelf, Nestig ($649)

Dubbed the Hide and Seek Shelf, this product’s chunky hardware begs kids to swing open the doors and explore its contents. And hopefully, the tactile handles have the opposite effect when it’s time to clean up. 

If They Are a Minimalist in the Making

wood bench with cubby

Navigator Shelf, Nestig ($349)

This low shelf is for the child who doesn’t need a ton of storage because they don’t have a ton of stuff. The piece’s sliding door is handy for tucking things away, but its more obvious purpose is seating. 

If They Need a Bit of Direction

tall shelf with border

Spyglass Shelf, Nestig ($649)

Place their all-time favorite books and most-used toys in the center of this unit—the stark white spyglass-inspired border will lead them right there. Meanwhile, the open shelves on the side are perfect for displaying nonfragile styling accessories. 

If They Live in Dreamland

Here’s a fun question to pose to your mini me: Would you rather live among the sea creatures or the stars? Depending on their answer, go with one of these whimsical iterations that are less about igniting their inner Kondo and more about sparking their imagination.