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Ikea wants to help you throw a party. Specifically, it wants you to be able to have a good time in any home, at any time.

That’s right: In addition to Ikea’s many feats to make your life easier, the brand is now committed to helping you make that last-minute party a raging success.

Ikea teamed up with Swedish electronics company Teenage Engineering to create an all-inclusive “party kit” that’ll help you throw a spur-of-the-moment get-together. They announced the partnership at last year’s Democratic Design Day, and now, we finally have a clearer picture of what that party kit will look like.

Dubbed The Frekvens collection, the highly anticipated line will include a slew of sound equipment and party-ready products, including portable speakers, a turntable, and lighting. And all of it will be super affordable: According to AdAge, the items will range anywhere between $5 to $99.

Designed with the goal of turning up the volume on your next party in a major way, many of the pieces in the collection boast bold primary hues, like splashes of bright, sunny yellows and electrifying reds. As Ikea knows (along with the guest list, refreshments, and decorations), the key to a good party is setting the vibe with some quality music—and lots of color.

Jesper Kouthoofd, head of design and CEO at Ikea, previously discussed the last-minute nature of young people when it comes to throwing parties, and how he and his team wanted to cater to that with the products in the original release—but remained pretty tight-lipped during the conference. Thanks to DJ Mag, however, we now have a better glimpse of what the products will actually look like. The images represent prototypes, of course, as the real products are only set to be released in June 2019.

Marcus Engman, head of design for Ikea, expressed his excitement about the partnership during the livestream portion of the Design Day event: “I think Ikea is already a great party place. We’re almost always open, and we have a lot of what you need to have a party. But with this collection, we are going to take that to the next level with things that we don’t usually have in the Ikea range, in order to throw that party.”

Sounds like a celebration to us.

This story was originally published February 20, 2018. It has been updated with new information.

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