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If you’ve ever wished that you could have a personal assistant whose sole task is getting you out of bed in the morning, IKEA now has the next best thing. The Scandi retailer’s long-awaited Fyrtur smart blinds are finally available in U.S. stores, after being delayed a few times (we’ve been waiting for them to arrive since April 1, when they were initially expected to launch).

The shades, which are currently compatible with Google Assistant (though Alexa and Apple HomeKit updates will apparently be available in the near future!), are battery operated and can be scheduled using the IKEA Home app. The blackout material makes it easier to fall asleep by blocking out any and all light, and when it’s time to get up, the blinds act as a gentle alarm clock, allowing the sun’s rays to gradually filter back in. If schedules aren’t your thing, you can also use the remote to roll them up from the comfort of your bed whenever you please. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to pick out your outfit and make your own breakfast.

For now, Fyrtur blinds are available in select stores, but you can check where they’re in stock online. Or you can embrace the shade with these alternatives:

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