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The vast majority of rental properties need work—as you are probably aware. Some projects are straightforward, like making the most of your closet space or hanging art on your blank walls. Others are slightly more involved, such as getting approval to paint walls or switching out light fixtures. Figuring out how to hide bad rental floors falls somewhere in the middle: Doing so is a given, but deciding on the right plan of action is a challenge.

Since you can’t live out your lease by ignoring mysterious stains, uneven finishes, and outdated materials under your feet, we found the five best solutions for concealing even the most egregiously bad rental floors. From fixes that can be accomplished in a day to others that can be tackled over a weekend, these ideas are sure to make your apartment feel like a home from the ground up. Read on to see how a little work can go a long way. 

If you have two-toned wood floors…

Let’s say that you have wood floors in a rental that you’d like to keep as a focal point, but their stains would probably get the most attention. Follow the lead of this example from Est Living and paint the entire surface. A high-gloss finish will hide scuffs and marks, and a shade such as black will bring in plenty of drama, too.


If you have unsightly stairs…

For those who have two-story rentals and a staircase that doesn’t make the most of that extra space, take this Old Home Love example to heart and use peel-and-stick wallpaper on each step. The muted shades complement the surrounding palette, but the whimsical details are also a worthy invitation to do the climb. 

If your kitchen floor is an eyesore…

Rental kitchens are notoriously challenging to decorate, and when the main issue is on the floor, it can be tough to fix. One option may be to use vinyl floor tiles, like in this room from East and Lane.

If your small room needs personality…

Small, nondescript rooms can be the ideal place to try a bold design. Take this example from Nora Murphy’s Country House Style, which incorporates a classic black-and-white tile floor into a cramped area to give it some much-needed personality. You could stick to this timeless paint combination or try something with a little more color, too.

If you want a very easy fix…

Photo by Thomas Dalhoff

If you’re the type of person who wants to move into a rental and feel at home as quickly as possible, there is a way to cover bad floors fast: by using a large rug, of course. Follow the lead of this option from Brett Mickan Interior Design and spread an oversize patterned rug across the area in question. Not only will it hide any issues in a flash, but it will also make the room feel cozy.  


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