Published on July 8, 2019

When it comes to small-bathroom makeovers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. A complete overhaul is often the most appealing (and the only logical) option, but once the dust from demo day settles, you’ll be faced with a heap of not-so-easy decisions to make. What type of tile should you use? Where can you squeeze in extra storage? Does this layout even make sense?! Rather than come up with the answers to these questions out of thin air, read on to find inspiration in these 12 dramatic bathroom before and afters. As it has been said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The One With Special Effects

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photo courtesy of andrea west

Utah-based designer Andrea West wins the award for best shower tile moment. To make the configuration extra-special, West took the Starburst Hex pattern from Cement Tile Shop up onto the ceiling and had it cut to look like it was melting into the subway tile. 

The One for Type A’s

Tali Roth stuck to a strictly linear scheme in this no-fuss master bathroom in New York City. The designer’s real challenge (other than working within the space’s existing footprint) was getting the grout color just right so the squares were clearly defined but not too graphic. The strength of the design lies in its simplicity. 

The Terrazzo One

Roth went in a much bolder direction for the second bathroom in the same Manhattan apartment as is featured above, covering the floor and walls in an oversize orange-and-green terrazzo. The new space is so stunning you don’t even notice she kept the original tub in the mix. 

The One With Whimsical Wallpaper 

A tiny room doesn’t have to equate to a boring room. The dated walls and lack of decorative touches in Dee Murphy’s powder room weren’t exactly exciting, so she breathed new life into the space with a botanical wallpaper print, two-toned stool, and floral rug. 

The Kidproof One

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photo courtesy of jenny komenda

Designer Jenny Komenda gutted her daughter’s bathroom and started with all-white walls as her base. She then added easy-to-maintain tile flooring in a herringbone pattern, along with marble countertops and a gray-blue vanity with plenty of storage. Knocking out a wall allowed her to add a second sink so the kiddos don’t have to share.

The Mid-Century Modern One

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Old-fashioned wall panels, begone. This bathroom is now brighter, more spacious, and features both a stand-alone bathtub and a walk-in shower, which fit the homeowner’s needs for a handicap-accessible space. The mid-century modern double vanity adds some much-needed character. 

The Rustic Shiplap One

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photo courtesy of Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence

If this doesn’t look like the same bathroom, it’s because it underwent a serious renovation that shifted everything around. Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence swapped the windows for skylights, which allowed for unobstructed natural light, and covered the walls in reclaimed wood. The dingy yellow toilet and matching tub didn’t make the final cut; Hart replaced them with simple white fixtures. 

The Classic Subway Tile One

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photo courtesy of KRISTINA LYNNE

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? This bathroom is a prime example of how just a simple color change can have a major impact on a space. Kristina Lynne swapped out the tired blue paint and linoleum floors for crisp black-and-white tiles. Plus, how cool is the exposed ductwork?

The One With Graphic Floor Tiles

Amber Lewis reinvented this space with a complete whiteout, paving the way for intricately patterned floor tiles, a marble vanity with a black steel base, and a leather-wrapped mirror. 

The Metallic One 

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photo courtesy of amber lewis

Lewis also took an all-encompassing approach to this master bathroom. She swapped out the existing double vanity for a lighter, hardware-less option and installed a glossy dark backsplash that makes the copper sconces, brass faucets, and silver-framed mirror shine. 

The One With the Weathered Vanity

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photo courtesy of tidbits

Cami Graham of TidBits completed this stunning transformation, where she traded the standing shower for a more elegant pedestal soaker tub. The sink area also got an upgrade, complete with a château-inspired worn wood vanity and an antique brass mirror. 

The One With Discreet Shelving 

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photo courtesy of amber interiors

Yet another awe-inspiring before and after from Amber Interiors, this bathroom once had bulky cabinetry and the tiniest pedestal sink. Lewis quickly tore those out and brought in cherrywood floating shelves, accentuating their red undertones with Merlot-colored pulls. Spare towels, beauty tools, and scented candles can all be kept out of the way in this handsome nook. 

This story was originally published in April 2016. It has been updated with new information.

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