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For one year, Jen Gotch, the cofounder and chief creative officer of Ban.do, searched high and low for the perfect weighted blanket. Then she came across Sheltered Co., a brand that is creating breathable yet thick handwoven throws made from recycled and deadstock fabrics. “I fell in love with it on Wednesday, we slept together last night, and today we were married in a small civil ceremony,” Gotch joked in her initial review. In celebration of her upcoming book, The Upside of Being Down, Sheltered Co. x Ban.do just launched a limited-edition dip-dyed blanket in yellow—Gotch’s power color. 

Sheltered Co. founder Pamela Hunter was inspired to find a mechanism to promote better sleep and calm the body when her daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. “Who couldn’t use a good hug after a long day?” is the brand’s motto. “This blanket helped me more than I can say,” Gotch shared in an Instagram Story yesterday. The author, who delves into her early struggles with bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, and ADD in her book, says it has quelled her stress.

Sleep photo
Ban.do x Sheltered Co. weighted blanket, Sheltered Co. ($285)

In addition to reportedly increasing your serotonin levels (the body’s “happy chemical”), the pressure of a heavy textile against your body can apparently enhance your sleep patterns. One reviewer left a comment on Sheltered Co.’s website saying it prevented the usual tossing and turning throughout the night, while another customer said it encouraged “shutting their brain off” and helped them doze off faster. We could all use this calming ray of sunshine right about now. 

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