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Just when it felt like gift-buying season was over and done with, Valentine’s Day has somehow snuck its way onto our to-do list. Sure, the Hallmark holiday is by no means a must-participate, but with all the chaos surrounding our daily lives, we’ll take any opportunity to remind the people who keep us sane on a regular basis—our partner, our single-in-solidarity BFF (that’s how we’re choosing to interpret it), our little sibling—why they mean so much to us.

Be it a pair of noise-canceling earbuds they can wear while taking Zoom meetings at home, a leather catchall to level up their vanity space, or a new cast-iron pot to fully take advantage of soup season, we’ve pulled together an unrivaled list of gifts—all easily available on Amazon—that will make their everyday life at home feel a little less ordinary. Here, find nearly 50 ideas that are the trifecta of thoughtful, useful, and good-looking.

For the One Who Is Always Having People Over

A good host will politely smile at a new bottle of wine, but why not give them something they’ll actually get hyped up about? We’re partial to practical gifts they may have not thought to buy themselves (heart-shaped wooden spoons, an ultra-cute ceramic butter dish), but love crowd-pleasers like award-winning cookbooks (including Ina Garten’s love letter to her husband, Jeffrey) all the same.

For the One Whose Life Motto Is “Treat Yourself”

There’s no shame in taking a little extra time getting ready in the morning, so why not encourage them to embrace their mindful routine? Outfit their vanity space with items that scream style and self-care, like one of the most delicious scents out there or a wide-tooth comb that detangles as well as massages the scalp.

For the One Who Is Always Logged On

If there’s anything the past two years have taught us, it’s that we can no longer justify winging a full day of meetings from our couch. Instead we’ve learned that 1) digital touch bases require a decent backdrop, and 2) an effective workday is boosted by an uncluttered space. Even if they don’t have a dedicated office, pieces like a colorful set of ballpoint pens or a hardcover notebook will help them get organized (and maybe even cut back on screen time).

For the One Whose Space Is Never Truly Complete

Make your homebody’s dream come true by assisting in their journey to turn their abode into a true retreat from reality. From tchotchkes that fill out their built-ins to coffee-table puzzles that double as art, these pieces are for those who appreciate the personal touches of a home—and know it’s the little things that make a big difference.