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@toneechoe gave his black mini-fridge a serious overhaul with gorgeous stained wood and brass studs.

@thediydecorator gave her white fridge a chic makeover with just some painters tape and gold metallic paint!

@frenchcausette used a few strips of duct tape to give the side of her fridge a pseudo-window pane that doubles as an organizer.

This simple DIY from @hintofmintmeia makes finding spices a whole lot easier.

When in doubt, follow @houseofboy‘s lead and cover your fridge in polaroids of your favorite memories.

@jeskimoko knows that hand-painted polka dots make everything look better!

@mamacavie transformed her fridge into a changeable work of art by painting her appliance with chalkboard paint!

@glameverything didn’t want to paint her whole fridge with chalkboard paint, so she opted for a small corner on the side to keep things organized.

Obviously, if you’re a seriously talented artist like @chriskleeartist, you can always paint a beautiful mural on your fridge!

@manvanmanny gave this vintage fridge a modern update with a few coats of light blue paint.

@biancabeekoch knows that sometimes, all your fridge needs is a fresh coat of paint to look brand new.

@ruthiesgarden reinvented her fridge with homemade magnetic wine cork planters.

It looks like @sarahjoforever took a stencil to her white fridge — and we love it!

@nitasellya creatively used wallpaper to give her fridge an absolutely stunning makeover!