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by Michelle Gage

Working from home is the go-to commute of choice these days, but when you and your partner both take that route, things can get crowded, fast. We found a few offices that split space nicely, and they’ll hopefully inspire you and your better half to be productive in perfect harmony.

This workstation has you working side by side. The floating shelving above allows you to keep your surfaces pretty clean.

A black and white space allows your creativity to provide the color! This colorless combination isn’t for everyone, so make sure you and your partner agree on the design.

Keep pieces of your favorite projects nearby. This constant reminder of brilliant ideas will help to inspire new ones!

There’s no reasons why you can’t set up a colorful workstation for one! You can always take turns using it. While one is at the docking station, the other can be over on the sofa with the laptop.

If you constantly find yourselves at the meeting table, keep your desk’s surface space small. Just be sure to provide enough storage for both.

House joint schedules and paperwork at the desk, but don’t feel inclined to always work from it. Keeping a desk for all of that organized important information allows you to freely take your sketchpad or laptop outside to get working!

Scoot a chair up to the other side of this table to allow work for two! Store it elsewhere when you choose to work from separate rooms.

Keeping a clean workspace is key to fitting more than one busy bee into the space. A clean space is a happy space!

Frame inspirational quotes that hold a lot of meaning to both of you.

If your work from home friend is Fido, make sure he has a rug to lay on. If your pup wishes to be near you at all times, you can expect he will follow you into your office, but you don’t want to be distracted by cuteness sitting in your lap all day.

While you certainly can, don’t feel like you need to work side by side. Creating two conjoined, but essentially separate, work zones is a configuration both of you can enjoy.

Keep shared supplies accessible to both. The trashcan should live in the center of your set up, as should the pencil cup and stapler.

If you are lacking in space and need to sneak a desk into a main living space, consider accenting the wall with wood. This white and wood combination is simply stunning.

A chalkboard wall behind your workstation encourages you both to keep the ideas flowing.

This set up can accommodate up to six! If your dining room table must convert to a weekday workstation, keep a cart nearby of the essentials. Roll them away when it’s time to eat.

Create a bold and inviting space for clients to visit. If the person you work from home with is the one you are working for, make sure they’re as comfortable as you are in your office.

A handmade home business operation needs different tools than a solely digital one. Create separate work zones for each of the important tasks of your business.

Appeal to all personalities with a neutral palette.

A uniform workspace helps you give every item it houses a place and purpose.

Not all work has to be done at the desk! A meeting table can be used for group conversations or for solo work.

Direct sunlight encourages good moods. Place your partnered desk by the space’s largest window.

A trio of busy bees can work in this blank slate of a space. Fresh white walls and large windows add to its appeal.

A larger desk allows for two to work well from one. If you don’t have room for two desks, consider testing out just one larger one.

This office is beaming with storage solutions. The more places you set up for your stuff, the cleaner it stays!

Matching desk set ups keep the space feeling intentional.

Collaborate on an inspiration wall. Pin up both of your favorite images and ideas. Even if your business is different, you can take advantage of having someone to bounce ideas off of.

A little space can be a good thing. Sitting side by side doesn’t have to mean always being on top of one another. You can opt to keep a little surface distance in between you two.

These high drafting tables, placed in the room’s center, help to break up the space.

Two desks, a meeting table and additional upholstered seating? The working options are endless.

A built in is a great way to sneak an office onto just one open wall. The bigger the built in, the more room for two.

This is a space where six can work comfortably. I mean, check out those chairs!

Encourage collaboration within your office space. Whether it’s with your business partner or life partner, there’s always something to learn from one another.

This bohemian space is perfectly suited for two or more.

Bring your laptop over to the window seat, allowing your partner to take over the desk duty.