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Who would have thought that months after the pandemic started, people would still be missing some essential items for their work-from-home spaces. But that’s the case: According to a new Homedit survey, one in four respondents has yet to invest in a laptop stand and adjustable-height desk. It’s no wonder that an April 2020 Facebook poll led by the American Chiropractic Association showed that 92 percent of chiropractors had patients who suffered from neck and back pain due to poor office setups.  

If you’ve caught yourself dreaming about your company’s ergonomic chairs after too many calls answered from your bed, you are not alone. The good news is that you can improve your workstation—and back pain—with a few of these finds. 

Invest in a Chic Laptop Stand

You will thank us later! A stand corrects your sitting posture by bringing thelaptop’s screen to eye level. Bonus: It also prevents your computer from overheating. This G.flow Stone version is ultra-lightweight (just 3 ounces!) and made of 100 percent recycled paper. 

Offered in a variety of colors, Amazon’s aluminum laptop holders add some zest to a minimalist desk. 

And if you’re feeling fancy, the Grovemade wood model is top-notch—it even has room below to store your end-of-the-day mess. 

A laptop stand means you’ll need a keyboard, too. This Scandi number has all the benefits of modern-day tech (it’s wireless!) but with old-school round keys and a maple construction.

All Eyes on These Adjustable Standing Desks

Studies show that standing at your desk could improve your mood and reduce tension, so why not give it a go? This Chassie standing desk is worth the splurge. It comes in four different sizes and even has an invisible charging station for wireless devices. Oh, and you can write notes directly on the surface—it is whiteboard marker–safe. 

Most standing desks have a not-so-pretty tech startup vibe, but the oak veneer on IKEA’s Bekant model will blend right in with your surroundings—especially important if your office is in your bedroom. 

If you still prefer to answer emails seated, we’ve got you covered. The Variable Balans ergonomic kneeling chair offers an ideal balance point for your body, not to mention it’s available in three soothing dusty shades