If all the recent hype surrounding New York’s brand-new billion-dollar Hudson Yards development has left your head spinning, now there’s a spot where Manhattanites can hit reset and readjust to the new surroundings.

Meet 3DEN, a pay-as-you-use respite tucked away on the fourth floor of the Hudson Yards mall. Its unique purpose isn’t obvious when you first encounter the large stone wall and trailing greenery that flank its entrance. Once you step inside, things become a little clearer. Part lounge, part coffee shop, and part WeWork space, 3DEN is essentially a playground for working adults, featuring complete private phone booths, yoga rooms, desks, showers, and Casper nap pods. The best part? You only have to pay $6 for every 30 minutes that you’re there.

photo by aaron bengochea Photography by THE COOK’S PYJAMAS

photo by aaron bengochea

“Our goal is to cater to the needs of people during their in-between moments of the day,” says Ben Silver, founder and CEO of 3DEN. His unusual source of inspiration? An airport lounge. “It provides a contrast to the chaos of the airport. We wanted to translate that to an urban environment.”

Safe from the noise of a bustling Starbucks and a far cry from the steep monthly fees of a private members club, 3DEN offers a budget-friendly way to destress for a brief moment without having to trek all the way home. Whether you go for a quick cup of coffee or stay for an overdue nap, you’ll leave with a refreshed outlook—much of which can be credited to the wellness-minded design. Here’s what to expect when you pop by and the benefits you’ll reap along the way.

The Furniture Is Designed for Good Posture

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You might find yourself playing a little game of musical chairs when you go to 3DEN. From poufs and loungers to swings and high-back chairs, each seating situation is custom-made. “We created everything with the small details in mind,” says Silver. “The furniture was designed so that you’re not sitting too low or too high in a chair for your laptop.”

Not only is ergonomic furniture proven to increase efficiency while on the job, but it can also reduce stress on the muscles, tendons, and skeletal system. “All the furniture is designed to take in three main components: productivity, respite, and relaxation,” says Silver. “That’s why you don’t have a continuous seating arrangement. You have comfortable chairs designed for lounging; you have some more casual seating, casual desks, standing desks… There’s furniture that encourages a conversation with a friend or isolation just for you.”

Plants Are a Given

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photo by aaron bengochea Photography by OUR FOUR FORKS

Go for the nap pods and stay for the fresh air. There’s no shortage of CO2 at 3DEN, and you can thank the abundance of ZZ plants, bromeliads, and birds-of-paradise for that. “Nature was our starting point,” shares Silver. “As cities grow, we tend to build things that are harsh and unnatural, whether it’s with concrete or glass. We call it sustainability because we replant the trees we raised from the ground, and that seems to make it okay to eradicate them, but for us, coexistence is far better than sustainability.”

Bookended by two giant living walls (the one in the entry is composed of 3,000 plants), 3DEN is packed with greens from start to finish. Hanging planters alongside light fixtures and a 15-foot tree doubles as the space’s primary focal point. You’ll leave asking yourself, Central Park, who?

Lay Down If You Want

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Suffice it to say, the majority of Americans aren’t getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per weeknight. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s annual index report, only 10 percent of Americans consider sleep their number one priority over fitness, work, and hobbies. Luckily, they also found that 20 to 30 minutes of power napping can improve alertness without leaving you feeling groggy. At 3DEN, that adds up to one private Casper nap pod for less than $6 and an overall better mood.

Collaborate With Those Around You

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There’s a reason you’re seeing twists on the traditional coffee house spaces popping up everywhere: People thrive in coworking environments. When the Harvard Business Review surveyed several hundred workers from dozens of coworking spaces around the US, it found that people who take advantage of these types of environments view their work as more meaningful and feel a part of a larger community.

photo by aaron bengochea Photography by EAT THE LOVE

An important part of the allure is that socializing isn’t forced. The same rings true for 3DEN. You can spend all day there discussing politics with a stranger over coffee or you can pop in for 45 minutes to take a shower and jump on a conference call.

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