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This Accessory Will Seriously Elevate Your Plants

Upgrade your greenery.
Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson, Design by Neal Becksted

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You might claim to love all your houseplants equally, but if you’re being honest with yourself, you have to admit that there’s one that stands out from the rest. Maybe this one’s leaves are particularly pristine and green. Maybe its stems have grown extra long and lush. Or maybe you’ve just managed to keep it alive the longest. Whatever the case may be, this plant is the star—which is why it deserves its own pedestal.

Okay, okay, your plant doesn’t have to earn a pedestal. Just pop it on top of one and it will look way cooler. You don’t even have to stick with houseplants either—a bouquet of eucalyptus would also benefit from a standout platform.

You probably already stash your plants on shelves or windowsills and hang them in front of windows or in corners, but there’s something deliberate about a pedestal that gives them a greater presence. When they have their own platform, the only thing to do is flourish. (Or that’s what we hope, anyway.) Here’s how to style it.

The Waterfall Effect

photo by aaron bengochea

Take a note from People of 2Morrow founder Sybil Domond and treat your plant pedestal like you would a floor lamp: Position it slightly behind an armchair so when you sit, the leaves cascade around you. Relaxing, right?

The Substantial Stand

If you have a particularly full, draping plant, show it off with a tall, sturdy pedestal of equal grandeur. In this space by Neal Beckstedt, a glossy wood column hangs out with an eclectic gallery wall and antique chair to create a museum-worthy vignette. 

The Classic Column

photo courtesy of sarah bartholomew

Lots of different neutral textures make this study by Sarah Bartholomew feel fresh without straying too far from tradition. The most extravagant touch? A marble column topped with a branch-filled urn that makes even this tiny room feel stately. Switch it up with different foliage as the seasons change.

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