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No matter how allegedly “unkillable” certain plants claim to be (ahem, succulents), some of us just aren’t born with a green thumb. At a certain point—a strong case could be made for killing plant number four in less than a month—it’s time to throw in the towel and start looking for alternatives. Here, some fake plants and plant decor to bring a bit of risk-free greenery into your homes.

What look like white-painted succulents are actually mini art sculptures, carefully crafted to mimic the exact shape and detail of the real thing. Choose from an array of pastel vases to add a subtle pop of color in any room.

Graptoveria Succulent Sculpture, Waterstone Succulents, $49.50

Inject a bit of green into your walls with this pretty watercolor collection of herbs. Simple and elegant, they work with pretty much any decor aesthetic. Hang them up individually or keep grouped together to form a

gallery wall

Herb Collection Prints, Etsy, $25+

This warm-hued berry arrangement is a fresh take on traditional greenery. And of course, the pretty orange and red shades are ideal for revamping your decor for fall.

Artificial Orange Berry Arrangement, Target, $9.99

Did you know Ikea has a garden center? Well, it does, and if you ever needed proof that the Swedish retailer is so much more than flat-pack furniture just take a look at Ikea’s impressive array of fake (and real, if you’re feeling risky) plants. This bamboo plant is an easy way to dress up an empty corner.

Fejka Artificial Potted Plant, Ikea, $49.99

Printed onto a natural cotton canvas, this large leaf design is a step up from a simple wall hanging. It’s bold and minimalist at the same time; while it takes up a lot of space, the print itself is simple, striking the perfect balance.

Botanical Wall Hanging, Etsy, $38.55

For a sleeker take on a potted plant, try a glass terrarium. The mix of green and marroon succulents gives you all the vibrant color of the real thing without the hassle of maintenance.

Artificial Succulents in Terrarium, Target, $16.99

Flora has a plethora of gorgeous, colorful floral art prints available, and this pretty Zanzibar Gem on a mint backdrop is one of the best. The attention to detail in this piece makes it as close to an actual plant as you can get with a 2D item.

Fresh Zanzibar Gem, Flora, $29.55+

Okay, so technically this arrangement might not be 100 percent faux florals. Created as a centerpiece for a baby shower by blogger Avery Street, this display mixes real branches and leaves—about as low-maintenance as you can get—with fake flowers for an easy DIY you can make to give your home a quick facelift. And while the natural branches unfortunately won’t last long, this is a great option if you’re looking to dress up your space for an event.

Photography by Ellen Swalley at Red Sweater Photography

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